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  1. Taycan Turbo drag race vs Model S Long Range

    Not a fair fight and it shows in the result...
  2. Taycan Final Design & Specs reactions from Media.

    Isn't he the one that first mentioned the "Turbo" moniker for the top level Taycan among some other details? I can't remember exactly what else he said.
  3. Press Release: Digital, clear, sustainable: the interior of the new Porsche Taycan!

    Beautiful! That's a whole lotta screens but I'm glad they thought to cut down on distractions with the dark mode and the passenger side can be turned off. Smart.
  4. Artificial engine sound for exterior & interior

    I won't miss having to gas up my car but I think I may miss hearing engine sounds. But I'm not sure I'd like to hear artificially generated engine sounds on the outside or inside either. Do we know if the Tacyan will get any kind of artificial sound generation outside or inside? Interesting...
  5. Taycan / electric in the snow and cold weather?

    Make sure to get the AWD version (S and Turbo). Like others have said, ground clearance issues in deep snow is kind of unavoidable, even with the air suspension. I can't speak to this personally but with Norway having the highest EV adoption rate I don't think it's an EV issue, but just sports...
  6. Which Taycan trim level are you planning to buy?

    I think the rumor is the Taycan S and Turbo trims will be AWD and obviously be better performing (and probably longer range).
  7. Which Taycan trim level are you planning to buy?

    I think your last sentence is what is going to drive me to order the top level one too. I'm also guessing those will be the first one built.
  8. Which Taycan trim level are you planning to buy?

    I'm curious what everyone who has placed a deposit is planning to purchase since the rumors are of 3 trim levels? We also don't know which will be built first (possibly the "Turbo" top level model?) and how many allocations of each the dealerships will receive.
  9. Report: Porsche Expands Taycan Production to 40,000 Vehicles

    They seem to be walking that back a little or hedging.. Of course, it also requires a lot of planning to increase production significantly – both on Porsche’s part but also with suppliers. Therefore, it would make sense for Porsche to plan a production ramp up over a year or two if the demand...
  10. Taycan Colors

    Or could be Miami Blue, depending on white balance of the camera. I agree with the others I'd love to see Carmine Red. But it'd probably be reserved for a Taycan GTS model, assuming there is one.
  11. Sneak Peek of Taycan's Charge Port Door and Front Trunk

    Rare look at Porsche Taycan’s automated charge port door and ‘frunk’ After months of sightings across the globe, Porsche appears to have reached a point where it is ready to reveal more details about its first all-electric car — the Taycan. In a recent sighting, an Italian publication was...
  12. Two Door Taycan Sports Car!!

    Kinda looks like it mated with an R8. And those wheels...blegh. Would love to see a shorter 2 door tho!
  13. Video: Porsche Taycan Benchmarking Against Tesla Model S

    Great to see it out and beautiful landscape. Curious how it will stack up against next year's Model S refresh though.
  14. Do you prefer the Mission E concept design or production Taycan?

    Sure but how cool would suicide doors have been! I'm still pretty happy with the exterior as it's shaping up. But we still haven't gotten a good look at the production interior. The concept's interior blew me away probably even more than the exterior so I'm hoping they've carried many elements...
  15. Taycan interior spied with huge full digital dashboard

    Ah yes, blind me. Weren't the seats already seen in one of the prototype driving videos? Can't remember which I gotta search for it.