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    World Premiere of the Taycan Cross Turismo!

    The Leaked Photo/Video Shoot
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    Macan EV If this is not the place or forum to post. Moderator, please delete.
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    Double win for Taycan as 2020 World Luxury Car & World Performance Car "The Taycan—rounding out a strong showing for electric cars in this year’s program—claimed both the World Luxury Car citation—beating out the Mercedes Benz EQC and its stablemate, the Porsche...
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    Taycan CT new Spy
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    Taycan 4S Review (in Norwegian)

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    Taycan "Magic" Frunk

    Saw this some months ago. Did anywhone noticed this thing? Or it´s just the guy messing around with the viewers?
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    Taycan Instructions Videos (In Norwegian)
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    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    Yes, Yes, Yes as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog would say!
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    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    With a lot of hashtags Tesla!!!! Interesting! I should grow a Goatee and pulling it!!! Very Interesting!
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    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    Interesting!!! The Taycan has only "exploded" in "forums"... Interesting!!!! Very Interesting!
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    Taycan sound underground!

    I´m Back (not that everywhones likes that) Go Figure!!!!
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    Farewell and searching for the Taycan.....and other secrets!

    Search on Google for: instagram #taycan or instagram #porschetaycan twitter #taycan may or not find you a new pic or not Another thing is to search for Porsche Taycan and "tell" Google to search for the last 24 Hours! To download photos (instagram) go to and paste link of...
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    Press Release: Digital, clear, sustainable: the interior of the new Porsche Taycan!

    Comparison between the Porsche Press Released Design/Digital and the Real Thing! And I´m real Fucking Happy withe the Final Result!!! No more no less! Regards... Paulo