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  1. Using Waze

    Does anyone have any tips on setting up and using Waze or links to any good video’s / tutorials? How do you set it up with an IPhone, so that you can hear the messages, while driving (without using CarPlay)?
  2. What are your diamond keys set to?

    I would like to set up the Dash - sport sound Steering wheel - next track Can anyone tell me how to do this? I have only had my 4S for 10 days, still getting used to it.
  3. Setting up charging to 85% for novice

    Hi All, This is my first Porsche and my first electric vehicle. Does anyone have a an easy step by step guide as to how to set up charging to a maximum of 85% and to start at my preferred time. How do I then only use it as and when I need to.
  4. Swiss Taycan configurator update shows some new options

    Can you give me the Porsche code for the Black lettering for the rear Porsche logo.
  5. Don’t curb the wheels!!

    As far as I am aware they should be repairable. Try contacting Wheel Doctor (Alloy Wheel Repair Centre), based in Horley, Surrey. You may consider getting Alloy Wheel Guards / Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors.
  6. New Features on 2021 Taycan

    Hi Andreas, Do you know what the ordering codes are for 1) remote parking, automatisiertes Parken (also with app) 2) Luftfederung mit PASM (remember where it shall lift up or down, with navigation)
  7. Security Options

    I currently have. Blackvue dr900s -2ch in my discovery 5. Had it for 2 years only issue was memory card completely failed. Questions arise regarding 1) How good they are in an “All Electric car” 2) How should they be installed in one, especially in regards to power batteries etc (e.g Power...
  8. Security Options

    No problem. Let me know how you get on.
  9. Security Options

    Do you think, any other security options need to be added? In regards to a Dashcam (vandalism) I am considering one for the same reason. I have just read on the Porsche club uk forum that Karl at In Car Electrics in Milton Keynes (07980 983616) is an experienced installer of Dashcams for...
  10. Security Options

    The Taycan will be my first Porsche and I would like to know, if I need to have any other security items fitted either by Porsche or aftermarket. I am considering purchasing a 1) Stoplock pro 2) Dashcam - Any suggestions Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Head-up Display MJ 2021

    Thanks TAYC4N. Could the height (<164 cm) of the driver be an issue, as the seat may have to be further in and so obscure more of the dash.
  12. Head-up Display MJ 2021

    My understanding was that the steering wheel can obstruct some of the 16.8 inch curved dash for some drivers and so this enables the driver to see these. For those of you lucky enough to have the car, could this indeed be the case.
  13. Home charging in the UK

    Hi, I thought Anderson was expensive and am looking at either Pod Point or EVBOX ELVI and would appreciate any thoughts in respect of this.