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  1. Grip tests...

    The one guy is Matthias Malmedie from the Grip Motorsportmagazine - a German show. I like the guy, because sometimes totally outrageous and going off ;-) ( He's always up for a fun ride on the highway: The other is Axel Stein - a German actor and...
  2. Grip tests...

    For all the Germans...
  3. 8 - 10 Weeks delay

    Is there someone from Germany who has a quote for a turbo s order? I have ordered on 5.9. and so far only a non-binding delivery date of the local porsche dealer. according to the trader's statement, there are still no quotas for turbo s in germany?
  4. Is the animation taillight is optional ?

    No, it was a white one with a lot of Carbon in the Porsche exclusive manufactory section. This one:
  5. Is the animation taillight is optional ?

    Did anyone happen to get a photo of the IAA from the white Taycan standing in the separate glass room on the left? This had the option installed (front headlights Ice Blue), I just did not photograph him from the back. If someone happens to have a photo from behind, then we would know if he had...
  6. 2020 Porsche Taycan Reviews Compilation

    5:25 Wireless device Charger? Never read about before. Is he right? Some infos are wrong, esp. the 4+1 Seats, there is an Option for a 3rd seat at back.
  7. Someone at IAA in Frankfurt? Have 2 free tickets...

    Someone plans to go to IAA? Can someone shoot some details i forgot? -Headlight Detail of Standard and Iceblue (glass room is ice) -Porsche Word at back (Transparent and Blue) -Detail of Mission E Wheel where the white hits the black I‘ll thank you that with a free ticket.
  8. Rear blue Porsche logo in tailight

    Is the blue Porsche word illuminated? I only looked at the headlights in Ice Blue, where I found it disadvantageous that the interior of the headlights is silver instead of black.
  9. Taycan makes auto show debut in red, white, blue

    already, but I find that it has no rollo is a bigger disadvantage. I'm 1.86 and had enough space up, even with the normal roof. For many vehicles so far, I usually have the roof closed, as no heat radiation / cold on the head is noticeable. When I open the rollo, it is uncomfortably cool in the...
  10. Difference Turbo vs. Turbo S : Boost function

    German Porsche News: „Festzuhalten ist, dass bei beiden Modellen identische Motoren verbaut sind, im Turbo S ist jedoch ein stärkerer Pulswechselrichter verbaut. Der Porsche Taycan S Turbo bringt es auf bis zu 600 Ampere und 440 Newtonmeter in der Spitze, der Turbo auf 300 Ampere und 300...
  11. Difference Turbo vs. Turbo S : Boost function

    Don‘t know. Maybe I‘m wrong and they have only different NM?
  12. Taycan makes auto show debut in red, white, blue

    Interesting thinks for me: -Mission E Wheel Looks better complete black than in white. -glass roof has no sun blind -gold interior looks better than dark silver -Rear footages are very small (you can not put the foot under the front seat) -only the glass roof has a receptacle for a roof box -the...
  13. Taycan makes auto show debut in red, white, blue

    From yesterdays Porsche Event on IAA.
  14. Difference Turbo vs. Turbo S : Boost function

    No, the S has a different Front Motor with More power.
  15. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Leasing or cash? They told me, Porsche normaly give up to 5,9%, but for taycan they only give 2,9%. normlay on other premium cars you got 10-14 % in germany, like Audi S, BMW M or Mercedes AMG.