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    Charging port impaired?

    Had that same error message on my long distance trip this week. No problems, just the error message. We'll see if it returns on my trip back...
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    PPF, Ceramic coating ..or both??

    I've got full Xpel PPF and 4 coats of Ceramic Pro. I just can't believe how good this stuff is. I had a marble sized rock hit my hood at high speed and just had to replace the PPF. Spots and dirt just rinse off. It is quite amazing - better than the best wax I've seen. I am skeptical of PPF...
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    Plug and Charge

    I believe this was a Porsche announcement dated March 27 to dealers. Not sure though. It doesn't state the app doesn't work at all, just it's not 'ready' yet, and you run a higher risk of failing to initiate a charging session if you have Plug & Charge activated.
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    Plug and Charge

    The following is a release from my dealer: Announcement: Plug & Charge functionality in testing and not ready for customer use. Currently we have been fielding questions about when Plug & Charge will be turned on for the US market. Despite the ability to toggle P&C on and off in the vehicle...
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    I lost all power in the outside lane

    Yes, I asked about that, and was told the prior stalling was probably due to a bad battery. The good news is that the tech told me he saw the error, talked to the folks at Porsche, received and installed the 'patch', and verified that the problem had been corrected. Much better response than...
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    I lost all power in the outside lane

    The issue relayed to me was that the latest update resulted in a software communication to the rear motor that 'overloaded' the system and caused it to 'shut down'. A 'patch' was received and installed and the problem is resolved. This is not necessarily something that affects all models...
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    What type of car wash do you get?

    With full PPF and ceramic I can't believe how easy this car is to wash. I can just rinse it with hot water from my garage tap and almost everything comes off. I do wash every couple weeks by hand, and it takes 30 min max to do the car and wheels and yes, doorjambs and trunk openings. No...
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    Whats your favourite dash layout ?

    If you have the Map showing, use the right steering wheel button to select the center gage cluster, then use the roller to scroll through the selections, you should see a number of selections, including 'north up', 'satellite view' and 'night view'. I chose 'satellite view' and 'night view' and...
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    I lost all power in the outside lane

    OK, I just got the word from my dealer and they are fixing the problem. I'll have more details tomorrow, but they spoke with Porsche on the problem and it is a 'communication issue' between the main ICU and the DME for the rear engine. They weren't communicating properly, and Porsche sent a...
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    I lost all power in the outside lane

    I filed a complaint with NHSTA and there are 4 other similar complaints. Porsche needs to get on this immediately before someone gets hurt. Everyone else on this thread and elsewhere who has experienced this needs to file with NHSTA. It's very simple, and will definitely help in getting this...
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    Power Failure and has been at OPC for 7 days

    2020 with latest update installed.
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    Power Failure and has been at OPC for 7 days

    I was coming to a stop at a traffic light when my car lost engine power and flashed the red 'circle of death' which said to park the car and call Porsche. I turned it off and restarted and everything was fine. I'm contacting them now and I'll report back.
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    built-in radar detector?

    My install, of the Escort Max 360 Ci, referenced in an earlier post on this thread, is incredibly clean and well integrated. However, it is not the best laser jammer, which is something I struggled with. The Escort will jam the Dragon Eye, just '...not as well...' as the ALP. I discussed...
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    Mod to make 18 way seats a bit less tiring?

    I have exactly the same problem with my leg/hip/back on the left side. Like you, I am not old, but my back has been doing it's job for 65 years. I've had some problems but have a stretching and exercise routine that allows me to shovel multiple driveways and do whatever I need, so I really...
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    The ship delivering my Taycan is aesthetically unappealing and has a sissy-sounding name.

    I'm sure with enough time, effort and $'s that you can convince someone to ship your car BACK to Germany and then specify a list of named ships that you would find acceptable to transport your car. I would guess that this will multiply the cost of the car by an integer factor, and take an...