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  1. pjb

    Porsche Taycan UK launch event cancelled

    Hope there might be a few earlier build slots available :like: If I can get one I will
  2. pjb

    UK Budget 2020 extends plug in grant to 2022/2023

    1 to 3 all help - no 3 a pleasant surprise. Not sure how much Tesla has spent on thier network in the UK but by far the best - I know they started 4 yeasrs ago, just need Ionity to do the same - fingers crossed, as nearest charge from me in Oxford is Milton Keynes & that is showing as out of...
  3. pjb

    Another Taycan 4S was delivered on Friday, 6. March in Switzerland

    Have same colour on order :like: Has it got manual charging ports rather than electrical ones ? Sadly have a long wait, but at least can see what everyone else has & fine tune the order
  4. pjb

    Lease vs Buy

    You are 100% correct they love to change the rules, we had Hybrid's when BIK was 5% now 16% on the same cars. Make hay whilst the sun shines always better to fund in a company, than fund out of taxed income
  5. pjb

    Lease vs Buy

    Again buying through the company, using effectively a PCP type contract so have ownership of the vehicle so get 100% FYA but also have GFV to protect from residuals if bad however in my case the idea is to buy off the company at end of 3 years when I may retire. Currently driving a s/h Tesla X...
  6. pjb

    Finally ordered

    Also ordered a 4S but from Swindon. Vague on delivery date as when I ordered they had not had latest allocation I believe likely to be October as well, cannot wait :like: