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  1. Unboxing my new Taycan

    Both of my Audi R8's were wrapped on the transporter......don't know about shipboard.......
  2. I just saw the Taycan pass my house

    2X recently I "think" I have seen a test mule between Seattle & Vancouver BC. Both times I'm @75+ so no opp for a phone pic......I console myself by deciding it was just a black Pano......:angel:
  3. Completely Revealed Taycan

    Try this comparison; white car as semi-transparent overlay on the black one....everything matches up quite well......some cut lines off a bit on the white one, but overall I think we're seeing the real car......maybe.......
  4. Does the Taycan use a skateboard chassis?

    Different than the "MEB" platform though?
  5. 2020 Porsche Taycan Info / Specs / FAQ

    Anyone with newer/more definitive info on length??? (I'm severely garage-length challenged.....) Hoping for <190, expecting >193.....:confused:
  6. Our 2020 Porsche Taycan Preview Renderings!

    Once again; all those of you who are saying "I don't like it, I'm cancelling my reservation, blah blah......" SEND ME YOUR RESERVATION SPOT!! I love the designs I'm seeing, and I'm +100 on my dealers list.......SEND ME YOUR RESERVATION SPOT!!
  7. Where will you be charging - at work, work or?

    Primarily home charging (assuming Porsche is so kind as to make a Taycan for me), as I live in a very remote location and public chargers are/will not be very convenient. Longer term my aim is to roadtrip my car, so learning the “on the road” etiquette will be v. Important!
  8. Most detailed Taycan spy pics yet, with first look at carbon ceramic brakes

    In that case, please send me your res number immediately! Send it to TAEKON c/o Taycan Forum.....:D