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  1. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Good luck with seeing the car anytime soon, I have been at V300 actual since 2/24. Hasnt moved from compound in a month. Dealer says he has 4 Taycans sitting at the factory in V300 status.
  2. Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    Same with my turbo finished v300 Feb 21, it's been sitting at factory ever since. Hasn't even made it to the port. Something is going on with these cars that folks are not fessing up to.
  3. Taycan / Porsche accessories that are must haves?

    I have insulated glass in my Panamera GTS and ezpass works fine, never have an issue. You must mount it high next to the mirror as the insulation between the glass is not present on both the left and right sides. You can see the difference and openings up close.
  4. Taycan roof rack and accessories

    Do they leave a mark on the paint? Seems a much easier option that installing and removing the racks. Thinking of getting them for my Panamera and transferring to the Taycan when it arrives. Thanks for the tip!
  5. US allocations ?

    V300 2/21 w VIN number. Back on original schedule. Dealer says 4 weeks i should have the turbo in my possession!
  6. US allocations ?

    Just got my v260 today, 3 week delay?
  7. US allocations ?

    Now delayed another week into production for a total of two. What are you folks seeing on your production dates?
  8. Taycan 4s's Anticipated Lease Residuals and Money Factors?

    Too the torque on the Taycan would be more fun than that of the GT3. BTW I'm an retired old fart who only goes to the track once or twice a year. Looking for blistering acelleration and a comfortable car for road trips. Not that does much for the lease vs buy decision but I only...
  9. Taycan 4s's Anticipated Lease Residuals and Money Factors?

    Thank you kindly...Guess the next question is due to the rapid advance in battery technology is it better to set the residual value now and not worry about what's next In battery technology (solid state?) Btw I can't write off the lease so leaning towards the loan but open to others thoughts...
  10. Taycan 4s's Anticipated Lease Residuals and Money Factors?

    So new to leasing, have always bought with a loan and held the Porsche for 5 years or so. Low mileage current 2014 Panamera has 37k. Am I better off with a loan from USAA at 2.6% for 5 years or a lease from Porsche. Appreciate any guidance.
  11. US allocations ?

    Called dealer today, still into production 1/24 but now taking an extra week to build. Now out Feb 21. Wonder what's going on.
  12. Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    Here is my build, hope I didn't miss anything as it's locked in!;!!CHxsMZu7wRvZGA!Fb8sdsatpk0Bdet_P4UXr5mEvo-xrXNXYC_xGRed73XrxFLl9JIPUO2N5vy3m9GjW-HmNzOSmw$
  13. US allocations ?

    Confirmed out of production feb 14, dealer says will arrive dc first week of March.
  14. US allocations ?

    v260. 1/24/20 for a turbo is my slot guess ill see it in march?