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  1. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    Whilst I understand peoples views on morals with what's going on in the world but I do agree that if people dont buy the economy will not get better. Plus all the workers in the factories and sales will lose their jobs if people dont buy the cars. I feel bad but I've come from a low income...
  2. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    Mate, depending on what happens we could talk and swap build slots. That's an option or we both might end up cancelling :( these are unprecedented times we are all facing. The biggest plus right now is the worlds pollution is the best in decades
  3. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    Are you thinking of cancelling then ? Not sure what to do now with all this happening in the world. I was originally planned for a sept car!
  4. U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    I've not cancelled and wont be, but if there are turbo slots sooner then happy to take one!
  5. U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    Sounds like alot of people are going to cancel then??
  6. UK Only - What %APR have you got from your dealer?

    Same, this is the standard APR for Porsche i'm guessing. You can look for external companies to do pcp with as an option
  7. U.K. Owner and delivery date list

    Nope, I'm still September as it stands
  8. Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    Whilst my Turbo isnt due until September, our health and the worlds economy is far more important that getting a car. I will be gutted if mine gets delayed but health of everyone is more important
  9. 4S options - what have you picked?

    I've changed to a turbo now as I should hopefully get it Sept/Oct this year. So only one i am not picking is PDCC
  10. Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build! Updated Car as i changed from a 4S to a Turbo
  11. U.K. Owner and delivery date list

    Can you change mine to a turbo, Exeter and carmine res pls
  12. 4S options - what have you picked?

    Issue is, you wont get a turbo this year now, and I'm on a sept order for s 4s through my limited company. Like someone else said, if I pick all the same extras the turbo is 30k more. Unless I could get a turbo for September I will stick with a 4s. It looks like it's a yes to all other than...
  13. 4S options - what have you picked?

    Hi, I am set on most of the optional extras, but where I am struggling are on whether the following are worth it, or who has picked them: Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport Rear-Axle Steering inc Power Steer plus Surface Coated Brakes Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus. Stuck on if these are...
  14. VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    Be good to know what extras you picked and if they are worth it
  15. Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    I am thinking of adding the PDCC too and Ceramtic coated brakes, but thinking it might be overkill for a 4S
  16. CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    I've had a look at the new colours and I'm not a fan of most of them.
  17. U.K. Owner and delivery date list

    Thought there would be more white, blue seems the most popular so far
  18. BLACK / JET BLACK Taycan Club

    Just not on the configuration site for porsche :(
  19. BLACK / JET BLACK Taycan Club

    Not on EU Porsche those wheels