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  1. First day with my Taycan Turbo S

    Cheers I didn’t realize the seats were perforated that look very nice, ive Gone for a Turbo in white and you have added the same options as mine looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the car and options once you have had a chance to drive it
  2. First day with my Taycan Turbo S

    Looks awesome mate. What seats are they? And can you share the build code cheers
  3. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    I don’t see this being an issue as car companies will not be rushing out facelift/upgrade models anytime soon! the car industry will be in an odd place for a while, demand will fall drastically BUT so will supply as the factorys will take a while to ramp up production due to parts and staff...
  4. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    I actually discussed this yesterday pal and I was told it is straightforward I’ll let you know if that’s what I decide
  5. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    My dealer have been pretty good and they have said they are more than happy to take the car for stock and then I can have a later build slot I think the decision for me is less of a financial one and more morally the delays my car has had since ordering have been frustrating but now it’s a...
  6. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    Not at the moment pal my current plan is to see what Porsche are doing regards manufacturing, it’s obviously going to be for longer than 2 weeks. my build freeze is currently mid April so that gives me another 3-4 weeks before i potentially lose my deposit, but if the factory is closed for...
  7. UK Only - What %APR have you got from your dealer?

    Cheers how many yrs and what mileage?
  8. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    I'm fortunate that my Turbo has been delayed a few times in the last few weeks and the last i heard my build freeze was mid April so I have a bit of time to decide to cancel and get my deposit back as others have said spending over 130k on a car when we have no idea what’s going to happen...
  9. Panel Gaps.. to porsche

    mclaren are getting a bad reputation at the moment! my business partner bought a new 570 3-4yrs ago and the brakes failed within a week! Same thing happened with his DB11 too !
  10. Panel Gaps.. to porsche

    even if for some reason it did leave the factory with these sorts of issues your dealership certainly wouldn’t release it to you in that condition
  11. Chrono Required for Launch Control on 4S?

    I think sports chrono is required for launch control, i know it was an added option on my turbo i was also told that sport + was only avail le with sports chrono too
  12. UK Only - What %APR have you got from your dealer?

    Unfortunately that means they cant be used for the Turbo or Turbo S even if i could use for Turbo it would only save me £4,500 over 3yrs (closer to £3,500 when you take corporation tax into account) so its not a deal breaker
  13. UK Only - What %APR have you got from your dealer?

    I seem to recall someone mentioning them before but the LTV was about 60% and the maximum car value was 100k can you advise what they offer a GTV?
  14. U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    I think Porsche will only reduce the APR if they are struggling to shift cars and if that’s the case then the GFV will more than likely reduce ! Which may technically mean the car is costing more money! So robbing Peter to pay Paul I have friends in the car sales industry and an Audi business...
  15. U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    As the grant has gone your car is technically 3.5k cheaper Than someone placing an order and you can offset corporation tax with the purchase I’m in the same boat with mine although it’s not due for a couple of months (now will be a few more) in all honesty is it the right time!
  16. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Don that’s not acceptable, can you take the trip again as what am i supposed to now there are no sports on tv and I’ve watched everything on Netflix
  17. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    To be honest mate the UK is about to go into lock down and my Turbo keeps getting delayed so if you could send me the full 6 weeks, 11,000 mile journey I can watch it
  18. My Taycan Turbo Dolomite Silver Delivery.

    Looks awesome in silver
  19. UK Dealership cost to charge ??

    But I am looking forward to my 400 mile drive home that’s far Better than a mile