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  1. Scandinavian

    Mid-corona update: my Turbo S is coming! [Update: now delivered!!]

    Congratulations Dee! Looks very nice spec. I really like the interior leather colour. Seems a long time until your pick up though. Guess it will feel much longer than 10 days!
  2. Scandinavian

    Porsche Connect App rant

    @Dave T , no I think there is no problem to charge at a fast charger with ambient temperature above 30 degrees C! I think the battery actually chargers quickest at 30 to 35 degrees temperature in the battery, Ron_b had a chart showing best temp and charge level for fast charging. If you refer...
  3. Scandinavian

    Porsche Connect App rant

    Here is what Is said in the Good to know app. There it seems you should be able to set the maximum charge level ! Care instructions for the high-voltage battery Car Care Instructions for charging the high-voltage battery Ensure that the temperature of the vehicle is between approx. –20 °C and...
  4. Scandinavian

    Porsche Connect App rant

    You obviously have the benefit of being able to try it on your car. I am just referring to my wish to the Porsche technician to reduce the charge level in my car to 85%. While I sat in 5he car he came and went into the car menu and limited the charge to 85%. It Looked very easy and was quick to...
  5. Scandinavian

    Porsche Connect App rant

    I am a bit confused by the advice here. I have not been able to collect my car due to the lockdown, so I have no practical experience. I would have thought that you set the the app or the car to have a minimum charge level say 50%. The car would then charge up to this level once you plugged it...
  6. Scandinavian

    My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    That sounds very strange indeed. There is a warranty on the paint of three years I think. What that exactly covers is a good question. And my Porsche dealer offers a paint protection with ceramic coating by one company as an extra service! I think you should ask to have the statement explained...
  7. Scandinavian

    Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    Dave T glad to hear you have recovered! Domino1720 get better and all the best. The Taycan is just a car and your health is much more important! Get wel and stay safe!
  8. Scandinavian

    My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    @SHN and @Rollep, I have for a long time wanted to do Atlanterhavsveien and Trollstigen myself. Hopefully we can all get this terrible virus under control until the summer. Driving the roads through Norway is such an experience. There are the speed limits that are low, but frankly you do not...
  9. Scandinavian

    Panel Gaps.. to porsche

    Do not worry! In my experience that has never happened. I have no idea where the information about panel gaps would come from. Porsche would never release a car with panel gaps. And if you should see any just refuse to take the car.
  10. Scandinavian

    Porsche Connect App rant

    I took the information from the Good to know app as well as the specialist at Porsche. And seeing so many reviews where they say that the last 5% to 100 % charge is very slow. It is stated that the BMS does a lot of rebalancing at that stage. Here is the text from Good to know app. Care...
  11. Scandinavian

    Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    I hope You are ok Dave? Really sorry if your dream car is delayed!
  12. Scandinavian

    My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    Nice car @Rollep ! The colour is very nice but so different to what I saw at the dealer! You say that the swirls etc are bad but how was it with Orange Peel effect in the pain’t? The dealers often put on some “”wax”” that seems to have fillers in them, and once it is washed off, the paint...
  13. Scandinavian

    Porsche Connect App rant

    It is recommended by Porsche to only charge to 85% regularly. All EV’ s should not be charged to 100% all the time, only when needed for a long trip.
  14. Scandinavian

    My Taycan Turbo Dolomite Silver Delivery.

    Thanks both! I looked again at the pictures you provided and I guess the summer tyres are on the 21 inch Mission E rims? That would give the 20 mm wider tyres of course. I saw from the link that for the same rim size the tyres are the same dimensions both summer and winter. Thanks it all makes...
  15. Scandinavian

    My Taycan Turbo Dolomite Silver Delivery.

    Grattis! Your car looks amazing in Silver and I had not seen the choice of the winter wheels before? Since the wheels are suggested for use with winter tyres are the tyre dimensions different to the wheels with summer tyres, if you know what I mean. Would you have the same amount of rubber...
  16. Scandinavian

    Porsche Switzerland just closed until further notice......

    Likewise here in France! My Taycan is standing fully ready in the showroom and was supposed to be collected next week. But the dealer is closed until further notice. Not necessary item! Something to look forward to in a months time or so once it has been declared safe to move around. I...
  17. Scandinavian

    Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Is the 4 year warranty standard in the US? Here in France the warranty period is only 2 years, which is surprising. Tesla have 4 years on their EV’s but not Porsche? That is not a long period to sort out the long list of issues that @louv has submitted. There is 8 years or 160 000 km warranty...
  18. Scandinavian

    Bugs & Feature Requests - Results of 11,000 miles of driving

    Yes Thank You for summarising all these bugs and requests! I really hope that Porsche and perhaps VW group will take these reports seriously. Together with other rorts on YouTube etc there is quite a lot of issues that needs to be addressed. I hope you will continue to give us further insight...
  19. Scandinavian

    Drive a Taycan through Europe from Oslo to Malaga - Erik Windahl Olsen

    Thanks ron_b for the summary. For me the take away is well said in the final episode. They feel that the Taycan is the best car they have ever driven! That really is worth getting the car for. The Porsche Charge planner at 500 usd does get slated though and for all the right reasons! The...