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  1. 'Standard' leather vs. Olea leather?

    Can anyone here give an informed opinion/comment on the quality of the leather options on the Turbo? It appears that you can get full leather, RaceTex, or Olea leather. The Olea option is quite a bit more expensive, and I'm wondering: is it a higher-quality leather, or is it just that the...
  2. I beat the Porsche Taycan Turbo's EPA-estimated range without even trying - RoadShow

    Yep. VW absolutely set up cars to sail through the US tests. It was some small teams at places like West Virginia University and CARB that actually figured out what was going on.
  3. Some Answers and Info From Canadian Taycan Launch Event

    Yep. I mis-remembered. That's what I get for trying to wing it. Thanks for getting the actual data. That said, I don't know that the numbers (-$1.46 BN over 4 quarters with only one of them netting in the black) lead me to the conclusion that the Tesla cars can't be built profitably. Those...
  4. Some Answers and Info From Canadian Taycan Launch Event

    I'm not a Tesla fanboy (note the zero Teslas in my profile), but that statement simply isn't true. Teardowns of the Model 3 by Munro Associates have shown that it can clearly be built at a profit, and Tesla has actually been GAAP profitable for the past three quarters. Not huge margins, mind...
  5. Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    Howdy. Peninsula. And waiting for my Taycan Turbo...
  6. New taycan model launched ;)

    That thing would totally get spanked by a Model S! <ducks to avoid thrown rotten fruit>
  7. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Finally got my build date fixed. Taycan Turbo. Definitely later than I had hoped, but in calling/emailing around there weren't any earlier Turbo allocations from SF Bay area dealers. Expected Date V200 Delivery date determined 01/23/2020 V250 Vehicle fixed 04/03/2020 V260 Vehicle...
  8. When do the Turbo / Turbo S’s Showroom cars arrive at dealership?

    FWIW, my dealer just told me yesterday that they're expecting the demo cars on December 15. Given that it's a Sunday, I'm going to interpret that as 'late December.'
  9. GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Sitting outside at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles this week.

    Sadly that was the only Taycan to be seen there on Wednesday. And no volcano gray at the LA auto show either. Just Gentian Blue, Frozen Blue, and Carrara White.

    Agreed. I was at the PEC LA today for a GT3 drive, and they were doing construction for the charging area for the Taycans. The instructor told me that they would be doing delivery there later in the year, but that there was a need to put in the 350 kW charging infrastructure for a new Taycan...
  12. New Members Say Hello Here!

    Hello to all. I have a deposit and order in for a Turbo in Gentian Blue. I was at the Porsche Experience Center LA today for a GT3 drive (in the rain, actually quite fun!) and saw this lovely beast: