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  1. KerbMonster

    I beat the Porsche Taycan Turbo's EPA-estimated range without even trying - RoadShow

    Nah - more like some US testers noticed that if they turned the steering wheel then emissions went through the roof (as that took it outside the test cycle parameters).
  2. KerbMonster

    Europe used for sale!

    Its normal for dealers to immediately list their demo cars esp for models with a big waiting list.
  3. KerbMonster

    Rats. I should’ve gotten one of these

    I’ve got a lot of time for Koenigsegg - starting from a shed and a desire to build HyperCars to what he has built up is incredible. The key part I think is that he builds cars he wants to drive first. This car came out from him and his wife having their first child and so not able to fit in any...
  4. KerbMonster

    Opinions on Black vs Yellow Calipers on Turbo S

    Same here - I've always gone for contrast brake calipers even when not ceramic.
  5. KerbMonster

    U.K. Owner and delivery date list

    Turbo S but no fixed date yet
  6. KerbMonster

    Must have UK options

    OLEV is on delivery iirc.
  7. KerbMonster

    Maximum AC charing rate: 9.6 kW or 11 kW?

    I’ve been told the car can accept 11kw. I suspect it might be the charge cable/controller that is maybe limited to 9.6?
  8. KerbMonster

    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    Even worse when you have to run armoured steel cable! In the UK you wouldn’t be allowed to do that kind of work diy without somebody qualified signing it off.
  9. KerbMonster

    Comfort access

    Not sure I like that. TBH it's like electronic handbrakes... it's a problem that didn't need fixing.
  10. KerbMonster

    Comfort access

    I had a 2006 Toyota with comfort access and you could walk up to the car, pull the (now unlocked) handle, get in press start and go. When finished you'd press the stop button, get out the car, shut the door and walk away. about 10 feet away you'd hear a "clunk" as the car locked. Not everything...
  11. KerbMonster

    U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    Well I guess anything is possible but it comes down to how much it will cost. I suspect that this is a hardware limitation so I would work on the assumption that it is "no". Anything else will be a bonus.
  12. KerbMonster

    U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    Launch vehicles fitted with 11kw AC charger - 22kw to follow later in the year
  13. KerbMonster

    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    Rich <> Smart Never underestimate the potential for a person to do something stupid.
  14. KerbMonster

    Front fender vents

    Guessing The insert is there to solve the downside with the vents on road cars - mud and stones get flicked up by the wheels and can damage the door. As an aside, it's why the TVR Sagaris had massive arch vents that on production models were completely filled in... drivers were having the...
  15. KerbMonster

    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    Calculating minimum Gauge of wire is a complicated job. Need to factor in things like distance, current, in trunking or surface mounted, stranded or solid core etc... For normal loads it’s relatively easy but when you are dealing with devices that can draw a sustained large current over long...
  16. KerbMonster

    Turbo S vs Turbo - 80-120kph times

    But that’s the point - you can’t have continuous hp with different torques if the gearing is the same. In fact almost impossible to have continuous hp... The last bit is key - given that the turbo s will be doing 100kph (give or take) when the launch control boost is deactivated after 2.5...
  17. KerbMonster

    Turbo S vs Turbo - 80-120kph times

    I don’t see how the continuous hp can be the same but one have higher continuous torque? Assuming they have the same gearing then the rpm for each will be the same so a difference in torque will cause a corresponding increase in hp. What we don’t know is for how long the extra launch control...
  18. KerbMonster

    Does it take more energy to heat or to cool the interior?

    Just checked and heat pump standard for the UK
  19. KerbMonster

    Does it take more energy to heat or to cool the interior?

    No idea on the specifics of the Taycan but normally AC is way more efficient than heating... but they taycan does have a heat pump which is much better than traditional heating elements.
  20. KerbMonster

    11kw now - 22kw mid 2020

    45 mins @ 22kw but 180 at 11kw??? How does that work?