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  1. V200 My deposit was feb 2018

    I put my deposit down after the launch in September 2019 for the Turbo S. Still waiting to get a build slot. I haven’t bothered following up since I talked to my rep at the February event at the dealership.
  2. Passenger screen activated or disabled when driving?

    I got the passenger screen and everything else techie. I also drew the line at the key fob and leather owner’s manual cover. That cover was ridiculously expensive.
  3. Another Taycan 4S was delivered on Friday, 6. March in Switzerland

    I was referring to the PORSCHE lettering embedded in the rear glass. I have seen some pictures where this was blue and others where it is clear. I re-read my question, and yeah I wasn’t clear. Sorry!! Thanks for the response.
  4. Another Taycan 4S was delivered on Friday, 6. March in Switzerland

    With the glacier blue headlights, is the rear logo also in a blue tint? I haven’t been able to confirm this. Not too many people have this option currently. I added it to my configuration.
  5. Opinions on Black vs Yellow Calipers on Turbo S

    I went with black on my white Turbo S. I also thought the yellow was distracting and wanted the “stormtrooper” look.
  6. Some Answers and Info From Canadian Taycan Launch Event

    I wasn’t expecting giveaways from the Toronto event but I like them. It is a little hard to read, but the bottle says “Your body is 60% water, the rest is soul” on one side and Soul Electrified on the other.
  7. CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    From tonight’s launch in Toronto.
  8. VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    Not the best photo, but this is from Porsche Downtown Toronto launch event. Looked great in person. Almost made me change my choice from the white.
  9. Greetings fellow Canadians!

    I don’t have confirmation of an actual build date, so it may very well be MUCH longer. My dealer does think I will be in his next batch, but he might be telling me that just to keep hooked in.
  10. Greetings fellow Canadians!

    Torontonian here. I don’t have a confirmed build date yet. My dealer thinks March or April for a Turbo S. Put my deposit down in September.
  11. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Love the adventure, especially as a Canadian that did the Calgary to Tofino drive last year (in a boring rental car though). Any issues with the charge port door or are the ice-breaking capabilities built into the car working well? You have seen some pretty cold days! Welcome to Canada in...
  12. White Mission E wheels on white 4S?

    I went white Mission E with black painted callipers. On the Turbo S, “only” the paint was extra - very, very expensive paint!!
  13. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Amazing! I want to do a cross-Canada trip and will be very anxious to hear about your experience with Petro-Canada charging stations. They say they have a built a coast-to-coast system.
  14. Getting Porsche Mobile Charger Connect before car delivery

    My condo building is forcing me to have a hard-wired installation. I really wanted a plug to do exactly what you recommend. I was not impressed. I figured most of the features are available - just wondering if I am losing any functionality without it. Or if it is even worth it over a cheaper...
  15. Getting Porsche Mobile Charger Connect before car delivery

    I was also thinking about getting an additional Mobile Charger Connect and Dock prior to delivery. One to keep on the car and other for home use. Is the only way to connect via WiFi? I live in a condo and won’t have any connections available where the car is parked unless I can do a direct...
  16. Ground clearance on Taycan 4S?

    I watched a video on YouTube last night where a guy complained about that difference. The other guy simply uses the on-board controls to lower it to the level in the second picture. Sorry, don’t have a direct link to the video.
  17. Vehicle Key in Leather in Leather Pouch

    Good to know! Thanks for sharing. Although that’s good for the pouch, but one of the options is to have the hard plastic on the side of the key replaced with leather. That might not be possible in the aftermarket. At $725 CAD, I think I have talked myself out of it. Rational thought...
  18. Forum member test drives

    Thanks for posting your impressions. I have both a 350z and GTR. I was a little worried I may not see much difference in performance compared to the GTR. I ordered the Taycan for the technology mostly and hoped I would like the performance. Compared to the GTR, do you think the Taycan handles...
  19. Vehicle Key in Leather in Leather Pouch

    Did anyone add this option? I really need them to lock down my spec because I am now considering adding this ridiculously over-priced option. The sides of the key are in leather, which sounds a lot nicer than the hard plastic shell. But really, how often does this matter. Hopefully rational...
  20. Is Your Dealer Showing You The Love?

    I’ve had nothing from Porsche Canada either. Must be a Commonwealth country issue.