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  1. DougFrisk

    Broken artificial engine noise

    The exterior sound generator (not sports sound) seems to have failed on our Taycan. No more spaceship noises, it now moves silently at low speeds. Obviously we need to get it fixed as the car is now a danger to pedestrians. I did pull trouble codes and it seems the control unit may have...
  2. DougFrisk

    New (Sept 2023) global stop sale on all Taycans? Recall APB2 updated Sept 11, 2023

    Update Sept 11th: While the stop sale affects 900+ cars, the recall affects 4,777 Taycans across all model levels. The TL;DR version is that Porsche bought a bad batch of sealant that was allowing air/moisture into the batteries. The sealant has been upgraded. The first Taycans using the...
  3. DougFrisk

    August 2023 Deliveries

    Starting the August delivery thread because it's about that time. My wife's April build/May delivery Taycan 4CT is scheduled to complete production today and is scheduled to be at the dealer August 7th. Surely after taking a full sixty four days (so far) to actually build the car, Porsche won't...