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  1. "Volkswagen says its core VW brand is ‘no longer competitive’ financially" - Article

    No wonder if it takes two men to carry the front of an i4 before fitting. VW brand has been battling low margins for years and “cheapened” the new golf to improve margins.
  2. Taycan or Panamera?

    I get your point. However one of my friends after 4 Panamera moved to taycan and a week later has returned to the Taycan because he didn’t find it better than the panamera.
  3. 21 inch tires or 20 inch tires

    On my CT 20” good year winter tyres, smooth like butter.
  4. My Porsche App Update for Taycan Finally Adds Climate Controls & More through Apple Carplay! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Automotive classic: if American people understand the update, it will not be a problem in the rest of the World. They get to test it first, we get to use it when it’s problem free.
  5. Steaming front windows

    I have noticed the same. However I get warm air.
  6. Switched from 4S to GTS ST - significant reduction in range?

    When new my 4S was showing 200 miles range. I think after 4/500 miles it went up to 260. Give it time to adjust and learn.
  7. Taycan Floor Jack - need help finding

    I have got the pad from Powerflex. It’s a perfect fit.
  8. Car Delivered - but plain white instead of CWM

    I personally would reject it. I had the same exact opinion with flat white. It’s too white! Couldn’t stand looking at the car every day knowing it’s not the colour I had picked.
  9. RE-CALL

    Same here! Just logged in and both recalls there… Thanks
  10. Taycan Wheels

    My 4S has been delivered with Michelins sport 4S
  11. The Tesla Model S Has Lived Long Enough to See Itself Become a Villain

    Can’t stop thinking the article is a direct attack to Mask. Nothing about the car. yoke, brakes, steering. Nothing new. Nothing we didn’t know. Elon makes cars people want. He is not interested in beating porsche at the Ring, enough to win at the pub.
  12. All Season Tyres. Help please.

    Just swopped to winter tyres. Not loving the alloys though. Tyres make the car super comfy. Need to replace silver nuts to black.
  13. Taycan 4S Stealth PPF Wrapped with White Stripes, Wheels and Decals

    Not my cup of tea but this is a well executed decals upgrade. Reminds me of Hotwheels cars! Enjoy your toy.
  14. What tyres | 2023 Cross Turismo 4S

    I have checked today and Mak alloys don’t need spigot! It’s a straight swop.
  15. Taycan or Panamera?

    Hybrid is perfect for taxi drivers, grannies and School runs. Other than that my impression is that any hybrid version of ICE cars is worse than ICE cars. Take the Merc GLE, almost bought one Hybdrid. I test drove the ICE first. Great Suv, super comfy and decent around corners. Drive the Hybrid...
  16. What tyres | 2023 Cross Turismo 4S

    😂😂😂 didn’t have a look yet. I’ll check if you need centralising spigot. I don’t think so. The mak wheel should be straight swop.
  17. For Sale: Winter wheels and snow tires

    That’s a bargain!
  18. Red Caliper and Rust on Winter time...

    When talking Porsche you would expect that level of quality. My 986 after 5 years and 30k miles was still on original disks and minimal rust surface at the back of the disc. No rust anywhere else.
  19. What tyres | 2023 Cross Turismo 4S

    NF0 supplied.
  20. 2020 Turbo (launch vehicle) vs 22 4S

    This is not a car you buy with your head. Cause if you were buying it with your head, you wouldn’t buy it at all. if your Heart says Turbo… However keep in mind I am on my third wife. Always followed my Heart/dick… I am not the best to give suggestions…