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  1. Abdul

    Sorry...maybe another stupid charging setup question

    Hi all May be a stupid question but dont know where im going wrong. I have a Project EV home wallbox Taycan 2022 model Set a home timer for 26/11/23 to get to 85% for 1030am Plugged car in and light at port went to blue showing pause. Same on PCM screen Awoke 26/11/23 and the car had thrown an...
  2. Abdul

    Charging error with timer

    Hi Looking for advice. Eventually decided to try the timer on the car as attached. However, plugged into the home EV box and the car reported an error at 50% but should have charged to 85% . No programs/schedules saved on the actual EV home box. Any advice? Thanks
  3. Abdul

    Warning lights and sensor position

    Hi all These warnings have come up a few times last few days due to the bad weather and muck/grit on the roads. Where is the sensor/camera for this? Is it behind thd rear view mirror or below front bumper? Thanks
  4. Abdul

    What Car europe road trip
  5. Abdul

    New MY22 4S in Gentian Blue to replace Ice Grey MY21 RWD

    Hi Thought I'd share to some pics. Went with dark exterior and chalk two tone interior this time to replace light Ice Grey exterior and black interior. Loving the contrast! Also the new PCM at present seems to be that bit slicker and quicker. Fingers crossed!
  6. Abdul

    How do I get Passenger display ON

    Hi all When I start up with no passenger, Taycan logo comes on and then varies between staying on(acceptable aesthetics) or just goes off and blank screen( waste of money aesthetics) idea why it does the variation as no passenger either time. Any info on how I can keep it on , with no...
  7. Abdul

    Charging cable type for Taycan

    Hi folks. Looking for advice. My dealership 'owe' me the correct charging cable. The one I have is relatively thin and could only charge my car at about 3.5kw from my 7.2kw wall box. Would the other version they supply (rated at 32A) and about 6m long give me the full 7.2kw charging ability...
  8. Abdul

    Warning message!!

    Had many premium marque cars over the years...never came across this 😆. This warning came up yesterday (car is just over 1 year old). The car is clever enough to tell me I 'need ' new wiper blades(no smears or issues!) And I don't even have a first aid kit(shame on Porsche). If only the car...