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  1. simcity

    The Strategic Stupidity of Porsche: "The 911 will definitely be the last, if ever, to be electrified"

    Much as I admittedly enjoyed the howl of a well sorted petrol engined sports car on the past: times have changed fellas!! You risk becoming strategically irrelevant.
  2. Kbmore22

    Which car gets more attention between Taycan and 911?

    For those folks that have owned/driven both cars, from your experience, which car would you say garnered more attention? (thumbs up, compliments, head turns, etc) And let’s exclude the GT3 because I feel like it should be in it’s own category.
  3. Jhenson29

    my Taycan vs my 911

    ...anything 100 other people on here don't already know, but I'm adding my perspective anyway. Background I have both a 2021 Taycan 4S and a 2023 911 GTS Cabriolet 7MT (manual). I had the Taycan for around 2 years/25k miles before taking delivery of the 911. The Taycan is my wife's DD (I drove...
  4. mco

    911/9J1 Badge Taycan Turbo but wanted to do something a little different. A little photoshop just to get a sense of how this would look. Found it very interesting that the middle "1" could also be a "J" when inverted. Thoughts on the 911 Turbo to 9J1 Turbo badging? Too rice? Too "troll-y" to the 911's?
  5. smoothound

    completely off topic..... a 900hp 911!

    Shy - it ain't....
  6. tomw00

    Le Mans 24h road trip with my Taycan Turbo, 911's and Aston Martin Vantage

    I've just got back on Monday from the 24 heures du Mans. We drove there and back in 5 cars - A GT3, 2x 911GTS, a Aston Martin Vantage and my Taycan Turbo. Before we set out I was a little concerned that me stopping and charging for large amounts of time would p**s everyone off, however apart...
  7. Ronnie

    New Taycan owner moving from 911

    Hi all I am about to become a Taycan owner. I am moving from a 911 (992) my 22 to a Taycan ST GTS. Not driven a GTS yet only a 4S and was very impressed. Now I don’t do the long distant driving I did when working so now retired thought I make take the plunge into EV. Hope I am doing the right...
  8. Ant18

    911 to Taycan?

    ...have few tests drives in different taycan (4s,turbo and turbo s). And I must say I absolutely love the tay. Now the questions! Should i swap my 911 for one? Being on a taycan forum I imagine you ll all be buyest to the taycan haha. I love the way it does drive, comfort when you want, and...
  9. 4thPcar

    If you miss your 911...try this!

    I know many of you were lucky enough to keep your 911. Not in the cards for me. Also you may have discovered this already. It took me a bit longer because I drove my new Taycan like a near-sighted grandma for the first several months. Now that the honeymoon is over, I am back to driving the...
  10. jcg

    HAGERTY's Taycan vs 911 review - by Henry Catchpole

    Interesting vid. I've always liked Henry Catchpole's reviews.
  11. Great quote re. 911 that is as applicable to Taycan

    “After you've driven a 911 for a while and are accustomed to feeling like you've merged into some magical man-machine chimera, you'll have reason to drive another car, maybe a rental when traveling by air, or perhaps a vehicle you use for trips with the family. And if you've always enjoyed...
  12. Kingske

    Just another daydream: electric 911
  13. RAHRCR

    Can The Porsche Taycan REALLY Beat The 911? -- Drag Race & Track Battle

    Sporty car vs Sports car…
  14. sky92

    From 911 to T4S Plus

    Hi everyone. I’m about to change my fantastic 991.2 C2 for a Taycan 4s battery plus. To be honest it’s a hard step, I’m thinking every moment if I’m doing the proper choice.. btw the big need is that I have to perform 3 times month home-work-home and it takes 200miles of highway for both trips...
  15. daveo4EV

    Actual Data: 2018 911 GT3 PCCB wear data - facts for informational purposes

    ...days - I'm a quick driver, but not the quickest, but can put down lap times to within 2 or 3 seconds of the "best" known lap time for my model of 911 at most tracks - I've only run street tries (michellin & pirellies) no hoosiers or slicks…so 3 sets of "new" pads, and 4th set "on the car"...
  16. sbarker108

    Does a Taycan feel like a 911?

    Hi, never owned a 911 and am waiting for the Taycan to be built. I do read regular reviews by motoring journalists who swear it drives like a 911. Given the weight difference I do find this difficult to believe but am intrigued to hear if anyone who owns or has owned both would share their...
  17. Explorer

    911 (991x) wheels on Taycan - works?

    Ladies and Gentlemen new to the forum - appriecate all the great knowledge showcased across a number of threads! Winter is coming and trying to find out if a set of 20-inch, 991 wheels would fit on the Taycan? Same bolt pattern and ET measure is only a few milimeters off. I know circumfence...
  18. AV7

    PEC LA - Taycan Turbo S v 911 Turbo S experience

    Had a truly exceptional opportunity to experience both a Taycan Turbo S and a 911 Turbo S back to back at PEC LA and WOW! what an experience. I really wanted to experience the similarities and more importantly the differences between an EV and ICE sports cars first hand and honestly in my...