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  1. Cancelled 2024 Cayenne - Now Gone for Taycan CT Turbo

    Looks great, we have just taken delivery of the new E-Hybrid Cayenne...all good so far, but thats a different beast.
  2. New Porsche Recall/"Stop sell" - any details?

    Well worth it when it lands, I’ve grey is stunning.
  3. Negotiating

    Had an interesting chat with a sales guy at Porsche yesterday, claimed some new Taycans losing up to £5k per month on residual, even contemplating discounting new ones, referenced the fact that a GTS ST sat with no current buyer. Go chase a deal!!
  4. Tyre & Alloy Insurance

    I had it on my 4s, had two kerbed repaired and two punctures. Saved me at least £400 so got the same on my Gts.
  5. 16 months, 5 days later... Taycan GTS ST. Volcano Grey delivered

    Very nice, I love my GTS ST. Had mine since March and a definite improvement on my previous 4s. Enjoy
  6. UK Insurance - Company Car

    Just insured mine with Esure for a third of what Admiral had quoted my only worry with esure was no one to talk to re spec, reviews were mixed also. Tbh pretty much everyone bar NFU and LV was similar. LV wouldn’t quote on the car and NFU was £2750 with 17 years no claims!
  7. UK: Any recent order of Taycan, 4S or GTS with Bose

    Just had my gts delivered with Bose
  8. UK Insurance - Company Car

    Just insured mine with Esure for a third of what Admiral had quoted.
  9. GTS Sport Turismo range

    Had my gts st 10 days and clocked nearly 500 miles in it, consumption very poor currently, but I remember my 4s being the same in early weeks. I’d expect 230/240 in the summer, 200 max currently.
  10. Gts

    It’s finally happening, collection day tomorrow.
  11. Let’s talk about depreciation (UK)!

    Sold my 4s nov with 20k miles. £105k purchase achieved £88k at 2 years old. Residuals definitely sliding since.
  12. UK order status and delays?

    Gts St order placed Nov 21, arrived safely in the dealership on Thursday, ceramic paint and pdi to do before a 1st March collection….cannot wait!
  13. UK order status and delays?

    Ordered my GTS November 21, expected in to dealership mid Feb for March collection. Sold my 4s 1st November and have been driving the wife's and kids cars waiting for its arrival!!!!
  14. Insuring a Taycan on business contract hire

    Sadly do, I’m also a Ltd company owner and exactly the same experience when trying to insure. I’m with Admiral and reading other threads, lots of others are also.
  15. Taycan 4S Pricing and Residuals

    Hi, I bought a 4s new at £106k and sold first November to a specialist dealer for £88k with 20k on the clock. They advertised the car at £94k and it sold within 3 weeks. Hope that helps.
  16. Porsche surface coated brakes, (i.e 21 Mission E wheels) Bose, Burmeister no longer available on options. Just received a call form Porsche UK

    Hi, what model of Taycan have you ordered? I spoke with my dealership yesterday and they confirmed Bose was only being made available to certain models currently.
  17. What’s your Taycan's winter / cold weather range?

    Hi, I had a 4s (just waiting for my Gts) and pre the software update, I would be getting 200-205 max in cold weather. Never got more than 240 in warm weather.
  18. GTS colour