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  1. Great regen after brake flush

    Maybe you had Regen on?
  2. Does anyone ever actually use Sport mode?

    I use sportplus only when I go to the charger
  3. My Taycan wrapped in speed yellow update

    It looks amazing. How much did you spend?
  4. the Blue Meanie Taycan GTS

    I love the colour. I also live in FL and I don’t have the thermal glass but I have a sunroof but I have no complains. I had some big concerns about it. I tinted all windows (legally) and I added a transparent film on the windshield. I feel the difference. I agree on the car play integration...
  5. 2 years 5 months and 26000 miles later - sharing thoughts

    Ha! Amazing write up. I agree with most of the things, but I think there are some options that would have loved. excellent tip with EA. I will give it a try as sometimes the chargers are slow and it takes me more than 30 minutes. I live in Miami and I hate the EA chargers at Walmart. They are...
  6. Is it easy to charge at Electrify America charging station?

    If the plug and charge does not work, start the charging from the Porsche app and then plug it in
  7. USA Taycan insurance.

    mine was $1700 for 6 months for a 2021 4s for me and my wife, It’s with progressive. there were a couple cheaper but we will make 4y of progressive insurance in December and I expect the price to go down