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  1. Nalayak

    Cancelled 2024 Cayenne - Now Gone for Taycan CT Turbo

    congrats! That’s an amazing deal! Love the Neptune blue.
  2. Nalayak

    Water lodged inside rear trunk lid

    This is super helpful! Thank you!
  3. Nalayak

    Has anybody else heard water sloshing around in their CT tailgate as it opens and closes?

    what did the dealer say? What this issue ever resolved for you?
  4. Nalayak

    Water lodged inside rear trunk lid

    Thank you! Checking it out now.
  5. Nalayak

    Water lodged inside rear trunk lid

    Thanks for the direction. Checking it out now.
  6. Nalayak

    Water lodged inside rear trunk lid

    So I hear water sloshing around inside the rear trunk lid when I open and close it. Also when opened there is a tiny hole (only on left side) where that water drips out of. Found it very odd and was wonder if this has happened to anyone else?
  7. Nalayak

    Here We Go Again, LTE Dead

    Happened to me for the first time last week. Restarted the PCM and tried few other tips but had no luck. Some how over night (while charging to 100%) since I had a long trip ahead the next day, I woke up with LTE and app working again. It was weird but something fixed itself.
  8. Nalayak

    Porsche Wall Charger Connect - Green Wire

    Yeah I'm pretty sure that's for ground. By the way what gauge wire are you using?
  9. Nalayak

    Interior Leather damage by water fix ideas

    Ohh my.. So sorry this happened. Im no expert on leather but I did also have a similar experience on my seats when I accidentally left the back passenger door slightly open. Had a similar hard water line on the seat. After some extensive research and few products I was able to get ride of it not...
  10. Nalayak

    Key Fob - keychain, lanyard or something else? What do you use? Post your pictures!

    Same as @hifi239 - Using an AirTag in Belkin case - The keychain my dealership gave me - 2nd key is in the fire safe - I did end up buying a titanium D-ring since the standard ring was too large and didn’t really like the way it sat in my pocket.
  11. Nalayak

    Taycan seat problem partial leather fault help (line and discolouration)

    I have the exact same circle showing up on my front passenger seat - Contacted dealership and was told it maybe caused by putting a drink on the seat which can't be true because I would never.
  12. Nalayak

    Air pocket in perforated leather seats

    So I contacted my dealership and was told let the summer heat do its thing and will automatically contract.
  13. Nalayak

    Air pocket in perforated leather seats

    🤣🤣 I’ll try this
  14. Nalayak

    Air pocket in perforated leather seats

    Having the same issue. Not sure what to do as you’ve said the problem occurred even after replacement.
  15. Nalayak

    Clear Side Markers

    Thank you so much for the wonderful post with instructions! Just did mine today and it was super easy.
  16. Nalayak

    Porsche connect - can’t preheat or precool

    Got the same issue today. Precool/heat was working about a day ago when I set it from the app to pre heat to 74F degrees. Were you able to get your fixed? Any info is appreciated! 🙏🏽
  17. Nalayak


    PPF and Ceramic coated - Took deliver just about a month ago.
  18. Nalayak

    Vinyl Wrap - KPMF Matte Russet Red with Ceramic Coating

    It looks amazing! Absolutely love the way matte look.