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  1. "Experts Tear Down Taycan; Discover Yet Another ‘Bowl Of Spaghetti’" - Autopian article

    I suspect this assembly (being generous calling it that) does what the Tesla octovalve manifold part does. If I am right, the Tesla part is a lot smaller and lighter than these Porsche parts appear to be.
  2. Electrify America Issues

    The email is [email protected] . I think this is the better choice than by phone. But, the phone is 800-767-7243. I note that it took about a week to get any response. So, be patient. FYI, here is the main message I got from them. "Thank you for contacting Porsche Cars North...
  3. Electrify America Issues

    Update: After a call with Porsche and a few emails, I got a voicemail last week stating that they had reset my account with EA and that plug-and-charge should be working again. I tried it, and it did work, so problem solved for now. Both on the phone and in the voicemail, I got the clear sense...
  4. Porsche expands partnership with Google

    Any experts with thoughts on existing Taycans running the Google software? If the hardware is unchanged to accomplish this, I would think it is less expensive to load the new software into existing Taycans rather than support two platforms.
  5. Electrify America Issues

    No, apart from calls to EA, which take about 20 minutes each and end with a free charging session initiated by the agent. Based on this forum, I will try deactivating plug and charge, using the app once, and then retrying plug and charge.
  6. Electrify America Issues

    I have this exact same problem, and for about this same time period. Everything worked fine before that (to the extent the EA station was working at all). EA says it is Porsche's fault, but I am not so sure.
  7. Charging port stuck open

    I can't close my manual port cover. I've had it to the dealer once, their fix lasted about 3 days and the problem is back, and now it's another 3-week wait to get another repair appointment. I did not find the manual way to close the door in the online manual. I found the way to manually open...
  8. OTA Software Update (July 17, 2023)!

    I didn't find this in the thread, but I notice that now, after a Direct Charge, the Direct Charge option is turned off for the next charge. I had a problem before that, when i did a Direct Charge, that setting stayed on, and I then charged to 100% at home (when I wanted 85%). That is now fixed...
  9. Front License Plate Holder-US

    I have been told by someone who would know this same thing about DIA airport. Also, you will get a ticket in Cherry Creek and Downtown Denver. Elsewhere in the Denver Metro and mountain towns, you have a lesser risk. I have a Sto N Sho, and I only put the front plate on when I am heading to...
  10. Is it worth buying 2023 Porsche Taycan

    I cursed myself saying this. Now: Sirius XM went out for a day and then came back (not my subscription, hardware) The PCM screen says my Sirius XM subscription has changed, when it hasn't My front left parking light/turn indicator doesn't work (didn't bump into anything) My right charging port...
  11. Is it worth buying 2023 Porsche Taycan

    I have owned various cars. My 2023 4SCT is the only one I have ever bought new that had no issues. 5K miles, and nothing to complain about so far. WORST CAR EVER: 2001 BMW 330Xi. Wow, everything broke from the steering box to the muffler. How does a muffler break in the first year? It literally...
  12. SiriusXM disappears

    Something similar: Yesterday, with nothing unusual happening otherwise, SiriusXM stopped working. It said "function not available" when i tried to tap the grayed-out XM icon. All the SiriusXM channels also grayed-out, including favorites. Everything else worked fine, including the FM radio. This...
  13. Long term Taycan owners: Are you still enjoying the car every day? Does it still feel special?

    I love the car. For me, the best thing is the car is both: 1. screamingly fast with great handling and sport-car feel, and 2. lovely and smooth-riding. It does it all for me. The only criticism is that you can feel the weight sometimes.
  14. Taycan Prices vs. Competition

    I have ridden in a few Teslas. In my view, the fit and finish as well as the ride are pretty rough. I would not compare a Tesla to a Taycan because I wouldn't have a Tesla under any circumstance (maybe if free).
  15. Wall Charger Recommendation

    Many electric utilities offer a program where they charge a reduced price or offer an annual credit for allowing them to restrict when you charge your car (usually late at night). The utility will likely only support a few brands of wall chargers. So, if your utility offers the program, and you...
  16. Taycan Brakes fail in wet conditions - NHTSA complaint March 2, 2023

    Something like this happened to me this morning in the snow ('23 CT4S). I was braking and hit a patch of black ice. The pedal softened up, went down a couple of inches, and the ABS kicked in. Theory/speculation: I was using normal regenerative braking, and at least one tire lost all grip on the...
  17. All Taycan deliveries being held at port due to needing new heaters

    This part might be in all Taycans, with the heat pump also in some. When it falls to -20F driving in the Colorado Mountains (quite common), a heat pump might reach its limits, requiring the resistive heater to step in.
  18. All Taycan deliveries being held at port due to needing new heaters

    Yes, good question. Anyone? A lot of people posting about this are outside the States. I was once told (so subject to check) that USA Taycans all have heat pumps, but some countries have heat pumps as an option.
  19. All Taycan deliveries being held at port due to needing new heaters

    I will just observe that a hot wire takes 10kW of electricity to generate 10kW of heat, but as the name implies, a heat pump takes far less than 10kW of electricity to move 10kW of heat into a car. The efficiency is primarily affected by how cold the outside is (less heat available to be pumped...