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  1. What is your TRUE mileage?

    South Florida, 2020 4S w/ 21" wheels, 254 after 100% charge.
  2. Taycan 20,000 miles

    3 years, 34,000 miles and not a single issue. Looks and drives like the day I brought it home. Service at 2 years, and new tires at 25k, that’s it. Have charged it to 100% ever time for 3 years, still get 250 miles. So good just extended lease and ordered new one.
  3. Seat rattle

    Rattle is in the headrest and there is a service bulletin for it. Had it taken care at the same time as the software reprogram.
  4. PCM boot up time

    You are not alone... and definitely worse since the software update.
  5. Do you daily your Taycan?

    5 days per week for the past year, 12k miles and no issues. South Florida helps...
  6. Steering wheel creaking

    For those with a creaking noise in steering wheel, there is a new service bulletin hot off the presses that will address this annoying sound. More felt tape !! Funny, the loaner vehicle that I received has the same issue. The passenger seat headrest rattle was resolved my last visit, assuming...
  7. How many miles on your Taycan?

    Just hit 7k since September. Besides rock chips all over front bumper, fenders, and hood, trouble free...
  8. Slow Windows ?

    Ah.... thanks for the tip.
  9. Slow Windows ?

    Is it just me or are the power windows dreadfully slow up and down ???
  10. Sport Design Package

    Here’s pics of mine with package, I think it’s awesome.
  11. 21” Taycan All Season Tires - New

    Where in fla are you ? I’m in Palm Beach, how much ?
  12. Share your favorite aftermarket accessories

    got passenger side included, check again.
  13. Share your favorite aftermarket accessories

    suncoast porsche has the screen protector kit available, fits and looks great.
  14. Launch Control is fun !

    my daughter took the video holding her phone, mine sits in the cupholder vertically but yes, not that secure.... sorry for the confusion. her laugh has made me smile all week so far. enjoy the new ride !!
  15. Launch Control is fun !

    so fun... have my phone just in the cupholder, actually sits in there nicely. turned out of my development and stopped for a second to engage it, it was a sunday so quiet. good laughs and the car is insane...
  16. Launch Control is fun !

    Great question. Having built a porsche years ago and "in the business" and have helped friends and clients build and help with the ordering process, it was actually easy and fun... ( except when its your money...) Must have options that absolutely have exceeded expectations - Mission E wheels...
  17. Launch Control is fun !

    You are going to really enjoy this car, and totally drivable every day, even in nyc...
  18. Launch Control is fun !

    I am having an absolute blast with this car. I have driven pretty much every car on the planet, ranging from a new Bugatti to a 1959 Cadillac and nothing compares to this. The balance of sport and luxury is truly astonishing.
  19. Launch Control is fun !

    Turn up the volume !