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  1. 21 inch rs spyder tires -- how is ride quality?

    I absolutely love these wheels. Much more than my all blacked out version
  2. ChargePoint vs Mobile Connect for home charging

    I also have a 2024 but I seem to have the timer options in my car. I too have the ChargePoint Flex at home. That being said, even thought I set the charge limit to 85% the car keeps charging to 100%. Direct charge is not selected and I have my general profile set to 85%. Any idea what might be...
  3. Can't get the passenger display screen to stay on when moving

    Where exactly do you push, I’ve tried this many times in many places and it does not work
  4. Lowering the Taycan CT via OBD-App

    Looking forward to seeing your results
  5. My Taycan lowered 15mm and added 10mm spacers

    why is the original post here gone?
  6. Can't get the passenger display screen to stay on when moving

    Sadly this no longer works in 2023 with the new software. Trying to find a solution...
  7. How do I get Passenger display ON

    I’ve not been able to apply pressure or push the sensor and have it work to activate the screen. It only works with someone in the seat and as soon as they get out of the seat the screen deactivates.
  8. How do I get Passenger display ON

    I Tried this, press where? I had someone get in the car left the safety belt on and get out and the screen turns off 😭
  9. How do I get Passenger display ON

    Has anyone found a way to get the passenger display to work in 2023? All i want is more than just the station name visible in the screen while its in "standby mode"
  10. November 2023 Deliveries

    Mine arrived at the dealer yesterday. SA said maybe late this week I’d be able to get it. What dealer does yours go to?
  11. November 2023 Deliveries

    Mine is also still at the Benicia port. Apparently there’s also a few 2024 RS6s bronze editions there too. (My friend is a sales manager at Audi)
  12. Porsche Palooza Trip Report

    Wow, that photo is a chip on the roof? It looks like a rock hit?!
  13. October 2023 Deliveries

    Mine is now at Benicia as well. Which dealer is yours to deliver to?
  14. October 2023 Deliveries

    @Calvin1331 Did you get you car?!
  15. Gts

    So the GTS “comes with” PDLS+ as a standard option, correct?
  16. October 2023 Deliveries

    I guess in California where they can’t hold onto your deposit there is a bit more wiggle room if you’re willing to walk away from the car and take back your deposit.
  17. Big Discounts on new Taycans

    has anyone who picked up a (ordered) taycan in Sept/Oct been able to negotiate anything % off MSRP?