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  1. Which Taycan to Choose - 4/4S, Cross Turismo or not

    Nothing too catastrophic fortunately, but the car definitely tries to go into gravel mode. The cruise control shuts off, the car slows way down, and the suspension raises. If you're not expecting it (I was not) it's fairly alarming.
  2. Which Taycan to Choose - 4/4S, Cross Turismo or not

    On the other hand, with the Gravel button you have to concern yourself with the possibility of your passenger wondering what it does and pushing it while at 80mph. Ask me how I know.
  3. Tesla Cybertruck beats 911 while towing a 911

    I'm prepared to concede that the truck's acceleration is remarkable in exactly the same way acceleration for ANY electric car is remarkable. Remarkable, but entirely unsurprising. As for the truck in general, it's kind of like the PT Cruiser was. It's a terrible car, but at least it tries to...
  4. November 2023 Deliveries

    At long last. Picked it up Thursday at PEC Atlanta after making myself ill on their track. Drove it from Atlanta to DC Friday. The car behaved near flawlessly on the 600 mile drive home. Only quibble was the range planner going to extreme measures (65 mph max speed, no AC, etc) at one...
  5. Lucid vs Taycan

    I decided I'd rather have a Taycan over a Lucid (even though the Taycan was way more expensive). However I'm pretty sure I'd rather have the Lucid over my Volvo as a family car/long distance trip car, if I had more confidence in the long term prospects for the company. If I could convince my...
  6. Lucid vs Taycan

    I love the Lucid for what it is, which is an electric luxury car. Someone interested in the Lucid should be cross shopping it against the BMW I7, not the Taycan. When everything is working, I'd rather have the Lucid than the BMW. However every time I've been in one, something has been broken...
  7. Big Discounts on new Taycans

    I got 10k knocked off as compensation for having to wait six months while the car was stuck in the port. The key moment was when I said, "I'd like my deposit back please."
  8. "New & Used Porsche Taycans Are Becoming Cheaper, Should You Buy One?" - Article

    Eh, I would certainly prefer to spend less money. I'm not buying a Taycan because it's some kind of flex. If I thought the Tesla was better I would buy a Tesla. I think the Taycan drives better than a Tesla, looks better than a Tesla outside and especially inside, and has the added benefit of...
  9. "New & Used Porsche Taycans Are Becoming Cheaper, Should You Buy One?" - Article

    I was kind of nodding along with the article when it was comparing the notion of new versus used. I scoured the country for used Taycans and if I'd found one in a configuration that I would be happy with I would have gone that route without thinking twice. The only reason I didn't is that...
  10. Update. Placed out order this morning. Thank you again to everyone who provided feedback it was super helpful.

    Mine was the passenger display. Completely unnecessary, super gimmicky, but cool. Also I really didn't like the look of the blank plastic if the screen isn't installed.
  11. Update. Placed out order this morning. Thank you again to everyone who provided feedback it was super helpful.

    Truth. I put a few frivolous things into my build, but $600 for different color seat belt was beyond absurd.
  12. Taycan refresh update model undisguised! 🕵🏻‍♂️

    Ew. Maybe it's not supposed to look like that and the driver whacked the car next to it pulling out of the parking spot. :D
  13. October 2023 Deliveries

    TYD says my car has left Jacksonville en route to PEC Atlanta at long last. Hopefully no more delays getting the battery recall taken care of.
  14. October 2023 Deliveries

    Yep, I definitely would not wait that long. Also, did you read the one under it? :D
  15. October 2023 Deliveries

    Yeah, I was prepared to wait to get an allocation and to wait more for the car to be built (and I did). I did not expect the car to be built but not be allowed to buy it for six months (and counting).
  16. October 2023 Deliveries

    I'll be more than six months past the original delivery date, so much more than a rounding error. If it were just forums, sure. But I am also including my own experience where a car built in April is still somehow not drivable. To say nothing about the number of stop sales, recalls, etc. I...
  17. Lot of Taycan for sale with low miles

    For sure, anyone who thought Taycans would maintain or even increase their value over time had a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of EVs. The sharp increase in slope of the depreciation curve over the last several months is well more than a lot of people predicted though. The link I...
  18. October 2023 Deliveries

    The contact at PEC Atlanta says they're bringing it there to do the battery recall check, as they have the necessary parts and equipment. So that's encouraging.
  19. Lot of Taycan for sale with low miles

    Dunno what YOUR windows are made of, but... :p Do they?
  20. October 2023 Deliveries

    Just got an email from PEC-Atlanta to schedule delivery. Not sure if that means they really expect to have the car by then or if they're just guessing.