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  1. allroadusa

    Charging Service Porsche crest key ring

    Yep, see here :
  2. allroadusa

    Can’t login into PCM

    If not, You'll have to ask a Porsche dealer to add it. This is a security feature, you can't do it with the VIN number only (You'll be requested to provide a proof of ownership).
  3. allroadusa

    Can’t login into PCM

    Okay, once logged, is your Taycan shown in Overview ?
  4. allroadusa

    Can’t login into PCM

    It would have been great to stick with one single topic only as all your pbs have probably the same root cause. However, if you try to login to MyPorsche website using the exact same credentials (user/pwd) : does it work?
  5. allroadusa

    Navigation with charging stations

    There is no need of a subscription to get LTE icon/signal.
  6. allroadusa

    Recuperation issue?

    Page 27
  7. allroadusa

    Unusual software issues

    Wouah, strange issues indeed. Have you tried to reset the PCM with the 2 fingers method?
  8. allroadusa

    21 inch rs spyder tires -- how is ride quality?

    I'm wondering what makes the model type of the rim in the ride quality... 21 in wheels are 21 in wheels, what ever the rim is...
  9. allroadusa

    Handover - What was your experience like?

    I had a great experience at the Porsche dealership Clermont-Ferrand, France. Staged unveiling with an extensive explanatory tour + 2 Roederer Champagne bottles, Taycan branded + a superb bouquet of flower + the Taycan box for the smart keys and the leather registration poach. Great moment.
  10. allroadusa

    WPN8 / WPN9 PCM update satisfaction survey

    Hello, I had the WPN8 PCM update done exactly one month ago and since then, I can tell only good things about this recall. The loading times are way more short and consistent 90% of the time, the map is now always displayed in cluster screen, Carplay connects very fast. Overall the PCM feel both...
  11. allroadusa

    Seat Belt automatic tensioner

    I think this is called Active Seat Belt. Active Seat Belt is used to minimize driver injury risk in Autonomous Emergency Breaking (Warn & Brake in Porsche marketing wording) situation, especially from high speed. AEB comes standard on Taycan but is less effective without Adaptive Cruise Control...
  12. allroadusa

    Porsche Connect services and store down?

    Down in France as well, usually on par with the UK... But this time, it's even "better" : the whole world!
  13. allroadusa

    Extended Warranty worth it?

    I'm a big fan of the Porsche extended warranty. I used to shop previously owned Panamera and had them qualified for Porsche Approved each time. Never regretted the peace of mind and the predictible expense plan it gives. It saved my ass a couple of time plus it allows you to "consume" your...
  14. allroadusa

    Key Fob middle trim replacement

    True for the old key I had with my Panamera 970 but can't find for the new key shape.
  15. allroadusa

    Key Fob middle trim replacement

    😄 Generally speaking I would have say "I agree" but in this particular case the middle trim (easy to remove) is relatively high density material with a good quality feel and great precision cut. Any trusted link?
  16. allroadusa

    Seat Belt automatic tensioner

    MY22 4S, pre tightening when reaching 18mph or so, with ACC
  17. allroadusa

    Key Fob middle trim replacement

    Hello, As soon as I got my Taycan, I swapped the key fob shell with a one in body color. But the middle trim (brushed alu look) is suffering from a rash after a kiss with the pavement. I have searched for a replacement but I failed. I don't want a low quality plastic from Aliexpress : any idea...
  18. allroadusa

    Taycan 4S hood misaligned

    Okay... I realized my picture was not taken with the right angle... So I had to kneel down for another one. For reference with the dealer, I hope this helps.
  19. allroadusa

    Taycan 4S hood misaligned

    My hood is very well aligned, here are the pics with the rubber stoppers (all the way up I guess). For me your hood alignment might not the issue but the bumper...