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  1. Yet another electrical system error

    It usually means the same thing just typically the yellow one doesn’t leave you stranded. a couple typical culprits high voltage charger High voltage booster Bad battery cells Bad high voltage batter hopefully your car gets sorted soon. Mine has been out of commission 15 weeks now with the...
  2. High voltage battery

    not yet the wait continues, 15 weeks and counting. Really hoping to get it back next week but I’m not holding my breath.
  3. Door panel rattling- especially with Burmester bass

    Mine was doing the same thing. Dealer ended up replacing the speaker in the door. I will see when I get it back if it fixed it.
  4. Heater replacement. Got a taycan loan but...

    ah was not aware of that. Assuming then that you don’t have a charging solution at home either then?
  5. Frozen berry anyone?

    I wouldn’t go down from a 4S to 4 if it was me. If you like the color then by all means get one in that color. May be harder to sell later on but who cares if you love it.
  6. Tesla Cybertruck’s 911 Gimmick

    I believe they have delivered on the results. Whether or not they can scale it fast is yet to be seen. The 48volt system itself is long overdue and is a great stride forward. I don’t get the hate that is put towards Tesla or any manufacturer for that matter. Their crash safety is to me the...
  7. Heater replacement. Got a taycan loan but...

    Agree it should have proper tires and charge. However I am a bit confused as to why you can’t charge. I thought you brought in a Taycan so wouldn’t you already have a place to charge? I do think dealers should check with people without Taycans if they can accommodate charging it.
  8. Tesla Cybertruck’s 911 Gimmick

    Not sure where you get the 1/8 mile from anything I said. It’s all over Porsches website touting 0-60 which is what I was talking about. As for breaking the mold the entire ethos behind the cybertruck is to create a truck from the ground up. There are is a lot of forward and different thinking...
  9. Porsches v Ferraris

    I do have to say I love both brands but both excel in different areas. The new Porsche’s, with the exception of a very few, to me are very mundane and not exciting unless you are really trying to push the car. Which on the street is not advisable. They are so capable that the ordinary street...
  10. Tesla Cybertruck’s 911 Gimmick

    While it won’t depreciate Taycans more it is a bit underwhelming that our almost 200k car can be beat by a 100k 7,000 lb pick up. It’s not the only metric that matters but it is one Porsche touts and is the major differentiator between the different trims. While I think the cyber truck is...
  11. All things being equal... 2021 Base Taycan w/ performance plus battery vs 2021 4s without perf plus battery?

    What are the other option differences? Just out of those two for me is always 4S over base. With that being said I would just wait to find a 4S with the performance battery.
  12. Which Taycan to Choose - 4/4S, Cross Turismo or not

    CT for sure will give you more rear headroom and storage. As for looks that is completely dependent on your preferences. Both are more than practical enough for the daily duties. If you were looking for an electric car experience I would go with the 4S. The 4 just doesn’t feel like an electric...
  13. Bit of advice ….

    Yes for sure don’t travel. It’s a huge headache when this occurs. Currently on month three myself of waiting to get my car back. That didn’t include the month I had to wait to even get an appointment. I really enjoy the car but it’s my wife’s. This has fully pushed her off ever buying another ev...
  14. Porsche surface coated brakes with white calipers

    Worth it for me for very low brake dust and they look amazing with be mission E wheels
  15. High voltage battery

    Consider yourself lucky. I’m over three months without my car and Porsche decided not to replace my battery but instead replace individual cell modules. Would much rather have the battery replaced at this stage.
  16. Question about maintenance on a Taycan

    I’d pass on that price.
  17. Aftermarket rear spoiler

    Flat 6 looks good but it would look so much better if it had three pieces. With the other pieces continuing past the trunk
  18. Battery Range: Is 100% full charge of 188 miles the best I can expect?

    My 4S loaner which I drive just like my turbo easily gets 270-280 on a full charge. Still 70 degrees here as well. My turbo on the other hand on got 210 and that was babying it in range mode. Needless to say it had 12 bad cells and is currently being replaced. I expect an easy 250 out of the turbo.
  19. Garage Heater?

    It’s actually quite enjoyable in these cooler months.