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  1. allroadusa

    WPN8 / WPN9 PCM update satisfaction survey

    Hello, I had the WPN8 PCM update done exactly one month ago and since then, I can tell only good things about this recall. The loading times are way more short and consistent 90% of the time, the map is now always displayed in cluster screen, Carplay connects very fast. Overall the PCM feel both...
  2. allroadusa

    Key Fob middle trim replacement

    Hello, As soon as I got my Taycan, I swapped the key fob shell with a one in body color. But the middle trim (brushed alu look) is suffering from a rash after a kiss with the pavement. I have searched for a replacement but I failed. I don't want a low quality plastic from Aliexpress : any idea...
  3. allroadusa

    Crest key ring as a substitute for the Porsche Charging Service Card

    Hello, Not sure it will be available in the US but this has just been released in Europe: A Crest key ring with blue stiching that hides a RFID chip. Once received, you'll have to associate it with your Porsche charging service account, as a substitute to the traditional card. Link to the RFID...
  4. allroadusa

    The new to me Stormtrooper Taycan 4S

    Hey all, I wanted to share with you my "new to me" pride and joy Taycan 4S P+. 10 years ago, I entered the Porsche world by the sedan door. Coming from the Audiworld (see my nickname), the Panamera Turbo MY2010 was my first Porsche. Black/black combo with PDDC, Sport Chrono, PSE and sport...