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  1. R Benny Waered

    What is the truth on huge service costs and 'drain holes'?

    Been shopping round for `1st service cost and some dealers want 4 figures as they have to clear 'drain holes'. Checking Pano roof drains aren't blocked is one thing (except mine is a solid roof:crying:) but what the heck is going on here? Is it job creation or do they really have to take a few...
  2. R Benny Waered

    Can anyone kindly post pics of their carbon bits?

    I just cant get any good detailed pics or info on this option and have to lock my GTS ST in a few days. Is it worth the $3k to bling up the grey plastic on the front, rear and side skirts? I really think the grey rough plastic lets my CT4S down. To justify, I need to particularly see the...
  3. R Benny Waered

    DEFINITIVELY, is the 22kW charger option of any use in UK?

    Its just not fast enough for en-route charging really as we'd be seeking min 50kW DC chargers surely and ideally 150kW+ ones? Is there any benefit to speccing this for road trips to Scotland, going past Gretna etc - maybe even for trips to Continental Europe? Charging is the key Achilles'...