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    Cost of extended warranty?

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    Cost of extended warranty?

    After no luck with my local dealer, a forum member recommended Porsche Chandler in Arizona and that's where I purchased a Porsche Platinum with a $250 deductible. A few months ago it was $6k for 8 years, 96,000 miles covering stuff other than HV battery and HV cables. This aligns with my 2020’s...
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    Put on "the list" in 2018, I ordered it in 2019, and after a pandemic delay in the paint shop it was delivered in August of 2020. A 2020 4S with performance battery. The 2020's in the US came with 8 years and 100k on the HV battery. For the Porsche warranty, you need to purchase it before the...
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    Taycan Production Halt?

    It's an excellent tour and you'll be amazed at how few people it takes to assemble a Taycan. Make sure you also do the Mercedes Museum in addition to the Porsche Museum. If you haven't yet booked, a great hotel in Stuttgart is the EmiLu Design Hotel in the city center. Fabulous pizza at Pane E...
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    You should add to the poll an option for an owned car and purchasing an extended warranty. At 40k miles on my owned 2020 4S+ I've purchased a Porsche extended warranty to 8 years to align with the HV battery warranty. I'll keep the "classic" and upgrade at the 7-year date when better battery...
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    20K Miles Service - Southern California

    My 20k in the Puget Sound area was about $750.
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    "Car dealers say they can’t sell EVs, tell Biden to slow their rollout" incl. 58 Porsche dealers - Article

    Porsche has loaded the dealerships with zillions of base 2-wheel drive Taycans, now sitting on their lots in big numbers. Clearly a serious market miscalculation, perhaps driven by the need to hit a corporate average fuel economy. I'm guessing you could get a pretty good discount on those. At...
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    WTB: 2020 4S

    The '21 will have Plug & Charge, so you will be able to just plug into Electrify America chargers (if you can find a working one) and have it billed directly if you set up a Porsche Connect account. The 20's didn't have it, so you have to fumble with the Connect App when charging. I'd get the...
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    High voltage battery

    This is an issue impacting some Taycan owners, including me: Dreaded Red Electrical System Error & Poll | TaycanForum -- Porsche Taycan Owners, News, Discussions, Forums While some owners had their Taycan out for months, in the U.S., Porsche USA now has a stock of HV batteries. From diagnosis...
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    Swapping a 2021 Turbo for a 2024 GTS?

    I tried to order a GTS early last year to replace my 2020 4S+, but at that time the only dealer that was taking orders in my region had an additional $10,000 "market adjustment" price. Ridiculous. Since that time the value of a used Taycan has tanked. Given the rapid pace of battery technology...
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    Domestic Wall Chargers Not Andersen, how about Porsche or Tesla or ?

    I have used the Tesla as my mobile charger, with a Tesla Tap, for over three years. Works perfect. We also have used for a couple of years a Wallbox Pulsar Plus 40A 240V, 9.6k, that works great. They now have a Pulsar Plus 48A 240V that charges up to 11.5kW. I'd stay away from the Porsche...
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    Using the TeslaTap

    I've used a Tesla Tap for over three years for my Taycan, as I have a Tesla charger as my mobile charger. Works perfectly with a Taycan and has survived the heavy rains in the Pacific NW when using outdoors.
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    Used Taycan with replaced battery - red flag?

    If the folding mirrors are super important, you might check with your dealer about a retrofit.
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    Used Taycan with replaced battery - red flag?

    I’d buy it with the fresh battery. My 2020 4S+ had its battery replaced in summer 2023, now with about 15% better range.
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    Tire installer Seattle

    I’ve had good luck with Discount’s Northgate location for several sets. Not so good luck at Bellevue Porsche.
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    Dreaded Red Electrical System Error & Poll

    Poll has a new category for your unfortunate predicament. Hope they can switch it out quickly!
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    Dreaded Red Electrical System Error & Poll

    3 years and 38,550 miles. I was getting up to 240 miles in summer, but with the new HV it’s regularly 275 at 100%. I can make it to our beach house now without a charge stop, which is terrific.
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    Dreaded Red Electrical System Error & Poll

    They are getting impressive, my HV replacement took 12 days, now with increased range.
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    Dreaded Red Electrical System Error & Poll

    Battery update: Repaced with new HV battery in 12 days in U.S.
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    Taycan Problems are overwhelming an otherwise great car

    Looks like in the U.S. Porsche USA now has a stock of HV batteries. From diagnosis to full battery replacement took 12 days on my 2020 4S+ this month. Quite a bit more range too with the new battery. I was considering a switch to a GTS but decided to buy an extended Porsche warranty and keep...