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  1. Charging card help

    Shell stopped supporting the Porsche Charging Services ages ago. I asked Porsche Smart Monility and they sent me a pretty silly reply saying that some [all??] Shell stations are actually part of some other (unsupported) networks in the UK and they are unable to tell which is which, so they...
  2. Connection issues

    If you are on IOS (dont know about Android) open the app when there is an issue, shake from side to side, and a report page will pop up. That sends to the support team. They did respond once but mostly you don’t hear anything back. However if we all bombard them with problem reports each time...
  3. Report - 3 weeks at airport and only 1% battery drain

    I do not believe that is the case. (Others may be better informed though)
  4. Server down? Europe Spain Nov 21

    What a shambles. We all need to complain to Porsche that they need (a) increased reliability; but also (b) a public status page so we can see at a glance whether a problem is in the server or our car.
  5. Private mode gets on by itself

    The specific situation of the app thinking the car is in private mode, and the car NOT being in private mode, does happen regularly. Typically it seems to happen when you are communicating with the car and you hit some bad signal coverage, eg when you are on a train. In my view this is a bug...
  6. Domestic Wall Chargers Not Andersen, how about Porsche or Tesla or ?

    Take a look at Easee One. Very popular in Norway aka ev-land. Works well load sharing in pairs when you have a second ev. Good app with various features to lock with RFID card etc. (Your post probably should have gone in the UK forum as the US is a different market.)
  7. Reflections on a recent rip from Nice, France, to Stockholm, Sweden

    Glad you found TRONITY helpful. I‘ve found it hit and miss - there are bugs in both the app and the Porsche interface, so journeys end up being given impossible endpoints. I’m optimistic that they will improve it, although their primary market seems to be quite specific,(German vehicle logs)...
  8. A lesson leant charging at Porsche!

    yes I agree - the downside of the per-minute model is that the crappier the charger, the more it costs! mind you, even at your 120kW speed you were still only paying 53p/kWh according to my spreadsheet, which is way better than Shell at 85!
  9. IONITY chargers between Malaga and Madrid doesn’t work!

    What did it say on the PCM satnav? It should have shown 0/4 for your whole journey in which case I would be looking for somewhere else
  10. Porsche Newsroom bizarre charging advice

    I think some subtlety has been lost in a German to English translation. It is all good advice for quick charging. I wish if they were going to write guidance for new drivers, they would also cover charging etiquette. For example, the advice about not going over 80% is important for efficiency...
  11. Charging idiots or charging etiquette - you pick it!

    We have the same pair of issues (speed-limited vehicles hogging the fastest charger, clueless or o obstinate drivers going to 100% while others queue) at Ionity in the Uk. There is very little driver education; no educative signage; and no software support (cf Tesla which sets the limit to 80%...
  12. A lesson leant charging at Porsche!

    yes, Ionity are deeply discounted. They are the first network of choice for most of us. Sadly they are also the first network of choice for zillions of other marques, and at several UK Ionity stations there are severe queuing problems - eg Cobham (upgrade imminent), Gretna, `Milton Keynes. the...
  13. Connectivity issues UK and recall

    Just an inconvenience (although you won’t be able to see your current speed).
  14. A lesson leant charging at Porsche!

    To pay that much (twice the price per kWh) shown in my chart above) you could have been charging very slowly eg from 70-l00%. Never a good idea on a charger with time-based pricing. If i have the maths right, you spent 36 minutes to put just 25kW in. That is an average speed of 41kWh...
  15. A lesson leant charging at Porsche!

    This has been around so many times — and is clear in the app. (And this thread should be in the UK forum - US has a different arrangement.) Porsche dealer chargers cost you less than many others. Ionity is a unique case, deeply discounted. Most 150kW+ chargers are 60-85 p/kWh. If you arrive at...
  16. "Driver assistance off" issue

    Yes, if sensors are clouded up then you will get at least one, sometimes three messages cycling around in the rightmost tube! Assistance should be enabled when you press the little button at the end of the stalk.
  17. Does the Webasto heat the battery?

    I have no idea what a Webasto is, but batteries always warm naturally during charging
  18. Porsche Connect

    I get that a lot. The last three times I’ve set a timed charge it has completely failed to fire the timer, so when I get to the car it still has the 85% that it does every night.
  19. Dash Cam-what's everyone using?

    Blackvue 970x here, powered (for when parked) from a battery in the boot which recharges when the vehicle is powered up. Good images and very nice installation;, but connection by wifi is tricky (need to turn off carplay first) and it reboots occasionally, apparently improved by reformatting the...
  20. Short trip to the UK

    not possible - they (with the exception of the very rare v.4) have no card reader. Charging is started using Tesla’s app in the ‘charge my non tesla” section.