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  1. slothinker

    Porsche Taycan 2022 Problem

    The automatic translation is understandable, no problem.
  2. slothinker

    Porsche Taycan 2022 Problem

    A little more information would be helpful. Why did you disconnect the negative terminal in the first place? When you say it won't start ... is there any electrical activity at all or is the car just totally seemingly dead? Some folks report that letting the car sit overnight can sometimes help...
  3. slothinker

    Porsche Platinum Extended Warranty pricing

    When I bought the car I was told by the dealer that California law requires that the battery be covered for 10 years.
  4. slothinker

    Extended Warranty worth it?

    Here's a bit more info I found:
  5. slothinker

    Extended Warranty worth it?

    Thanks. That's very helpful. Looks like I'll have to contact the dealer about extending beyond 4 years with price to be determined (or at least not disclosed on the page you referenced). I'll dig deeper too. Much appreciated.
  6. slothinker

    Extended Warranty worth it?

    I'm a bit confused. In the U.S. is the Porsche extended warranty covering anything that can go wrong with the car such as electrical system failure(s), power steering failing, heater failing, etc.? Is there a way to extend the front-to-back 4-year, 50,000 mile warranty provide by Porsche? If...
  7. slothinker

    Car cover for Cross Turismo?

    I have RWD model and purchased the Porsche inside-garage type cover through my dealer. I think the cost was $395. Totally worth it in my option. Quality is excellent. Appearance is excellent. Easy of use is nearly excellent. They also sold an outdoor cover which I assure is water resistant.
  8. slothinker

    Decisions: 2020/21 Turbo S v new GTS

    I'm totally happy with my Taycan RWD but I think that the style of the newish Ionic 6 is extremely appealing. To my eyes the design is more reminiscent of a Citroen D21 than anything Porsche has put out in the last 60 years ... but that's not a bad thing. Citroen is definitely in competition...
  9. slothinker

    Adjusting footwell temperature?

    If one sets their Taycan cabin temperature to 27° C. (80 f.), doesn't that affect the temperature of air coming out of the footwell vents above driver/passenger legs? If not, how do you adjust air flow to the footwells independent of a.c./heat settings?
  10. slothinker

    Adjusting footwell temperature?

    Here's the current write-up on the 2024 Porsche related to optional 4-zone heating … nada about front footwell heating options: Advanced 4-Zone Climate Control With a high-resolution 5.9-inch touchscreen display in the rear. Separate control of temperature, fan speed and air distribution...
  11. slothinker

    Adjusting footwell temperature?

    If you get a chance … would like to know what your service department has to say.
  12. slothinker

    Adjusting footwell temperature?

    I agree it's mentioned on the forum but it was hard to believe that useful footwell heating would not be standard on a premium car such as any Porsche … so I asked for confirmation. Thanks for the quick reply and photo.
  13. slothinker

    Adjusting footwell temperature?

    Is there no way to activate &/or adjust front driver and passenger footwell heat without having paid up for rear seat heating? (4-zone control)?
  14. slothinker

    Register in Montana to avoid sales tax?

    If you're in California and do this for a couple of years the penalty if found out is 160% of the license fee when you registered. Can't figure out the sales tax/use tax penalty but I think it's about 10% of the tax for late payment. Most importantly, how does this affect auto insurance? Insure...
  15. slothinker

    Trade in value on 2022 Taycan Turbo S

    It seems the number of folks wanting a premium EV is more limited than thought. Once this fact manifests it tends to become self-fulfilling as the inventory piles up. Also, if you can _easily_ pay $200K for a vehicle, do you really want it used for $40K less? Someone might try selling one of...
  16. slothinker

    Electric Sport Sound retroactive install price - Experienced Taycan Auto Shops

    I have it; don't use it; wife hates it. Might use it in a highly urban environment or crowded parking lot with lots of pedestrians.
  17. slothinker

    BP to install chargers in U.S. that actually work

    For those w/ access here's a recent NYTimes article on what may become the phrase of the year in 2024 or 2025: "range anxiety".
  18. slothinker

    Taycan refresh update model undisguised! 🕵🏻‍♂️

    Have to wonder what's going on w/ German sport/sporty vehicle designers. The latest BMW 3s look like they took a leaf from the Edsel front-end IMO. As far as this picture of the new Taycan ... I'd like to see it in person but I'm thinking it's not heading in the right direction.
  19. slothinker

    Braking transition sound at 13mph?

    I hear a transitional / chunking sound when slowing down to about that speed but attributed it to the Taycan shifting into its low gear. There's no dashboard feedback on this transition, unfortunately, assuming that's what this sound is.