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  1. XLR82XS

    Another Munro teardown video: Base Taycan

    Correct. There is English - and American.
  2. XLR82XS

    Motor Cars of Chicago

    Recently purchased a very rare E39 BMW from CMC. Wasn't aware of another business with a similar name.
  3. XLR82XS

    Cutaway of Taycan rear motor at Porsche Museum

    Got to see my drive unit up close when it was replaced at 2 months old.
  4. XLR82XS

    Key fob battery dead after 3 months?

    Key battery drain is a thing if the key is kept within 6 feet of the vehicle. My original fob battery lasted about 1 year. Second fob was only used a couple of times and was still good after ~2 years. (MY2021 4/21 production)
  5. XLR82XS

    Why do people want SUVs rather than estate cars?

    I don't want one. I LOVE estates/wagons!
  6. XLR82XS

    Windscreen protection film

    Have not heard good things about clearplex but I have STEK and it works well. One thing you must do with it is use silicone wiper blades. OE/pure rubber blades streak the film.
  7. XLR82XS

    Leather Steering wheel cracks

    Heads up: race tex/alcantra steering wheels aren't awesome after a while of daily use. Some can clean up with HI-TECH extra foamy but with heavy use they look crappy. Of course one can just use driving gloves every time they drive. ;)
  8. XLR82XS

    Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    Correct. Noise came back for me after ~800 miles after replacement drive unit.
  9. XLR82XS

    Extended Warranty - worth it?

    If if your drive unit is faulty like mine was on my 21 RWD you'll be glad you have extended warranty. It's ~$40K to replace. Replaced and first gear noise came back after a short while. I sold the car a couple months ago due to concern of repair costs outside of warranty.
  10. XLR82XS

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    Sold my 21 RWD a couple months ago. 2 years in and with no drive unit issue resolution from PCNA it had to go. My concern was excessive $ in repairs post warranty.
  11. XLR82XS

    I'm done....cant do it anymore

    I had no software issues - it's the drive unit/transmission. It's not limited to early models, I know of 21 and 22 owners complaining of the same problem that plagued(s) mine - 1st gear whine.
  12. XLR82XS

    I'm done....cant do it anymore

    Similar feelings for me and sold mine a couple months ago. After my troubles PCNA would not do anything for me and my concern was big $ failures post warranty.
  13. XLR82XS

    Anyone else got "fungus green PTS" door rubbers for free like I did?

    Who do you let in your back seat? Those sills and seat backs are really messed up.
  14. XLR82XS

    Corroding Wheel Centre Caps

    Colored caps on mine and 1 started to peel at a few months old. Replaced under warranty.
  15. XLR82XS

    Now that the new car smell is gone - what fragrance / system you choose?

    None. My 2021 still smells new. The key to keeping new car/natural smell is: NO food, no drinks, no pets, no dirty/smelly clothing, no foreign heavy odor matter inside the cabin. Whenever I would have fresh food or take-out it always goes in one of the trunks - preferably the front.
  16. XLR82XS

    Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    Live with it. I already had my drive unit replaced and the noise came back after a short time.
  17. XLR82XS

    Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    It's more pronounced in sport since first gear is held longer and first gear is the problem. Mine was very noisy 50-60mph - especially when deceleration with regen/recoup on.
  18. XLR82XS

    New tires at 4657 miles?

    Heavy car, electric motor torque, Porsche 'performance' OE alignment spec all attribute to tires not lasting as long as other ICE vehicles.
  19. XLR82XS

    Anyone going back to a Tesla?

    If you're just looking for range for road trips Lucid Air or MB EQS will fit the bill.
  20. XLR82XS

    Steering wheel cleaning

    HI-TECH extra foamy. Incredible stuff been using it over 25 years.