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  1. Not Driving Taycan 4S for three weeks

    I don’t understand why an electric car which is going to sit for a few months can’t be left plugged in and have the car provide appropriate charging to all the batteries as needed. It makes no sense to me that a car as advanced as the Taycan doesn’t have better battery management built into it...
  2. 21 inch tires or 20 inch tires

    In general, why would one wheel size be smoother than another? My guess is a smaller wheel may result in a taller sidewall but 🤷‍♂️
  3. 3-week delay in production completion

    My GTS was supposed to complete production on Thursday November 16th but yesterday the completion date slipped out by 3 weeks and one day to December 8. Does anyone know why this might be?
  4. Leaking left rear tire

    A good tire shop will take the tire off the wheel, patch the hole from the inside, reinstall and balance. Easy peasy.
  5. PSCB brakes, question

    PSCB brake calipers can also be painted black.
  6. Toronto area photoshoot with 3 GTS'

    Is that Chaulk or Ice Grey?
  7. My car has been built with pictures

    Nice. I recently ordered an Ice Grey GTS. Delivery is supposedly 12/30. Is yours still on schedule?
  8. My car has been built with pictures

    excellent. What color is that?