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  1. Kev946

    GTS tuned suspension?

    I drove a 4S and GTS before I got my GTS and I could tell the 4S had a softer ride in Normal mode. I too prefer the firmer ride of the GTS in normal modes. Also I believe there is more rear power bias than any other model which I guess you would only notice in a track.
  2. Kev946

    TSB: Check High-Voltage Battery; Leak testing details (WNW3) - Aug 4 2023

    Mine passed the test Monday. They also updated my PCM software. I requested a Taycan loan car and got a GTS. Only had it for 24 hrs in the end.
  3. Kev946

    TSB: Check High-Voltage Battery; Leak testing details (WNW3) - Aug 4 2023

    I got a letter from Porsche France sent recorded delivery.
  4. Kev946

    TSB: Check High-Voltage Battery; Leak testing details (WNW3) - Aug 4 2023

    I have mine booked in for the test Monday.
  5. Kev946

    Cutaway of Taycan rear motor at Porsche Museum

    I was there last Thursday and also did the Taycan tour. Very impressive. PS: Love the colour of the Taycan CT in the museum ;)
  6. Kev946

    Heated steering wheel on a GTS

    GTS I'm in FranceM My heated steering wheel was standard. I also got comfort access free which I didn't order.
  7. Kev946

    the Blue Meanie Taycan GTS

  8. Kev946

    the Blue Meanie Taycan GTS

    My comfort accès only opens the doors when I touch the door handle. Maybe this is a euro thing. And I love my GTS RaceTex interior goes so well with Neptune. Wouldn’t have leather in a GTS.
  9. Kev946

    A Taycan or an BMW I5 M60- what would you do?

    Very surprised if anyone on this forum would say i5 lol
  10. Kev946

    Windscreen protection film

    No idea. A bunch of cowboys did my tints. Never again. My car has Xpel Ultimate 8.
  11. Kev946

    Windscreen protection film

    I have it on my Taycan although I now suspect the cowboy fitter who did my widow tints used PPF as there is distortion looking from the inside. I'm getting it replaced after the winter with a brand Xpel sell in France and my PPF installed has it on their car. I've seen it and you can't tell...
  12. Kev946

    Big Discounts on new Taycans

    69 new Taycans for sale in France at the moment which is only a bit higher than when I ordered mine. There is only 8 GTS Sport Turismos lime mine and cheapest is 13k euros more than I paid for mine. So the UK market is very different to France.
  13. Kev946

    Tesla now has 100 open sites in France

    150 kw charger is standard in France
  14. Kev946

    Lego Taycan

    Love it. I guess you need to appreciate Lego to like these non Technic models. Here's the MOC Plans for the Taycan.
  15. Kev946

    Lego Taycan

    Don't forget it's very small so very difficult to get a precise shape. I think the designer did a great job and it was fun building it.
  16. Kev946

    Lego Taycan

    This is a MOC from Brickable. The plans are for Sedan, ST and CT. This is the ST.
  17. Kev946

    Freeze date in 1 week - thoughts on GTS spec

    I have a Neptune GTS ST and I love the colour. No regrets. Crayon doesn't do it for me too boring. Most of your config is the same as mine., same wheels etc. I have the GTS interior and love that too. The 18 way seats are much nicer that the 14 in my opinion. Makes the car feel a bit different...
  18. Kev946

    Color Difference between bumper and body - Carrera white

    They say white is one of the worst colours to match.
  19. Kev946

    Color Difference between bumper and body - Carrera white

    This is common on many cars. My wife's flat white Peugeot has noticeably different coloured bumpers. It was the first thing I checked when my Taycan was delivered and there is no difference in colour in ant lighting. I suspect it is easier to match a non metallic colour. Mine is Neptune.
  20. Kev946

    Position of GTS Logo on Skirts - Dimension needed

    Nope a sticker. My friend has a GT4 RS and the door logo is also a sticker