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  1. andb

    2024 Panamera interior revealed

    What you guys think of the new 2024 Panamera interior? I love it!
  2. andb

    How to disable regen?

    My car has new front brake discs and calipers and at high speed I notice friction noise coming from the front. I read that new cars come with regen disabled to bed in the new brakes. Is it possible to disable the regen from PCM?
  3. andb

    Taycan Turbo is in the garage!

    Hi everyone, Finally last week I went to pick up my Taycan Turbo and my first EV. Its a Porsche center employee car with 45k miles of mileage that was kept in good shape. Battery SoH reads 90.47% and I assume its got mostly HPC charging. Paid 94k euros for the car, equipment is generous though...
  4. andb

    Buying a high mileage Taycan Turbo - thoughts?

    Hello everyone, So I have a buyer for my Panamera TS Hybrid and soon I have to get a Taycan. I've found a full spec 11/2020 Taycan Turbo for 92k euro but mileage is high, 73k km or 45,000 miles. Comes with 1 year Porsche Approved Warranty and can optionally be extended. I'm planning to keep...
  5. andb

    What used Taycan to buy? 4S, Turbo

    Hi everyone, This is my first post, happy to be here and eager to get a Taycan for my Bday next month. Currently I drive a 2018 Panamera Turbo S Hybrid which is a really good car and an AMG GT that sleeps in the garage. Reading how amazing the Taycan is, it might replace both cars. Many of...