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  1. PNWTaycan4S

    Dreaded Red Error to New HV Battery in 12 Days!

    I’m a lucky dog. The red battery error showed up requiring my 2020 Taycan 4S+, with 37,500 miles, to be towed to the dealer. Flatbed on a Sunday, diagnosed and reported to Porsche Germany on a Monday, with authorization and order for new HV battery the same day. Battery was delivered to the...
  2. PNWTaycan4S

    Dreaded Red Electrical System Error & Poll

    I had hoped I had escaped it, but my 2020 4S Performance has bricked with the dreaded red "Electrical System Error" notice. Tried the reboot over several days, other suggestions, etc., but to no avail. At 37,000 miles she was towed to the dealer today. At this dealer it will likely take several...
  3. PNWTaycan4S

    Squeaky Surface Coated Brakes

    All, Over the past few weeks my 2020, 33,000-mile, 4S+ has developed nasty squeaking surface coated brakes. Appear to be the fronts. Anyone else had this issue, had it resolved by their dealer, or know of a link to a Porsche service bulletin? Applying oil probably not advised.... Thanks in...
  4. PNWTaycan4S

    Front Bumper Recall in USA

    Received today for my USA Spec 2020 4S+ "Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) has developed a new front bumper with reinforced welded joints specifically for your Taycan. We are contacting you because this updated part is now available to you FREE at your Porsche Dealer. What is the...
  5. PNWTaycan4S

    Purchasing Porsche Extended Warranty 2 Years Into Ownership?

    All, Anyone experienced in purchasing an extended Porsche Warranty a couple of years post sale? I'm approaching 30,000 miles on my 4S+ after two years and given the range of bugs folks have experienced, I'd like to extend it beyond the 4-year US base Warranty that was included in the purchase...
  6. PNWTaycan4S

    Inside EV - Software Update 70 MPH 2WD Range Test - 305.6 Miles

    New range test on 2WD Taycan with software update. (2) 2023 Porsche Taycan (Software Update): InsideEVs 70 MPH Range Test - YouTube
  7. PNWTaycan4S

    U.S. Emergency Flasher Recall - 21 Days

    Decided while getting some new tires to have, what I assumed to be, a simple software update for the U.S. Emergency Flasher recall. 21 days for the emergency flasher, one day for tires. All good now. Love the car as it’s been trouble free in 17,000 miles. However, for the U.S. crew, I suggest...
  8. PNWTaycan4S

    ** WARNING on Installing Porsche Connect App 4.4 - 2nd Update **

    Innocently thinking there may be some improvements to the Connect App, I hit the update button on my iPhone for version 4.4. The update crashes and makes the App fully inoperable. Reinstalled, still crashes.. Got it to work by skipping the introductory slides, but after 30 minutes it again...
  9. PNWTaycan4S

    Six 2020 Turbos & One 4S the Lot

    Maybe folks are picking 4S and Turbo S?
  10. PNWTaycan4S

    “Nissan effectively put CHAdeMO on notice.” Good news for the US Taycan crew (eventually,) especially on the West Coast. The “West Coast Electric Hiway” was developed with CHAdeMO, so it is now effectively a brick. You can...
  11. PNWTaycan4S

    Roof Rack Compatibility

    Looking for some advice on the Taycan’s roof rack. The Porsche factory rack looks to have cross bars that are similar (or the same) to Thule’s. Will the Thule bike rack and accessories fit the Porsche cross bar? Thanks
  12. PNWTaycan4S

    Clear Side Markers

    US models come standard with amber side markers. Any source for clear in US as in Europe? Or in London, UK area?