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  1. slothinker

    Two-way charging?

    Ford just announced that future EVs would sport two-way charging meaning that a vehicle could be used as back-up power in a home or shop. I'd love to have this functionality in my Taycan. Any thought on whether this could be a retrofit, assuming that Porsche got on board with the idea?
  2. slothinker

    Tesla Autopilot Track Record

    Here's a link to a Washington Post article on Tesla's autopilot's safety record: Hope you can access it .. I was able to but I'm a subscriber.
  3. slothinker

    U.S. EV charging issues

    The NY Times just published an interesting article on the large percentage of charging stations which are broken at any given time.
  4. slothinker

    Taycan daily news feed

    An easy way to access news articles mentioning Taycan is to create a Google Alert. My alert string is "Porsche Taycan" and just about every day a list of new articles mentioning Taycan are listed. Here's one from today's list:
  5. slothinker

    Swapping wheels and tires?

    I recently purchased a base Taycan with basic 19-inch wheels. Some folks are after-market selling very low mileage sets of 19-inch Aero wheels+tires ("laser cut"). The Aero look lots better than the base wheel design so it's tempting to switch however I'm not sure what all would be involved...