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  1. XLR82XS

    FS: 2021 Taycan RWD - full PPF & ceramic

    2021 Taycan RWD custom order spec in Q1 2021. Full body Xpel Ultimate PPF, windshield protection film, GTECHNIQ ceramic coating. painted rear reflectors. Pristine condition and always garaged. No smoking, no accidents, no stories, still smells new. Contact me via e-mail for build spec. $95K - 3K...
  2. XLR82XS

    FVD lowering links (NEW)

    New never installed. $250 shipped in CONUS.
  3. XLR82XS

    50th anniversary - Dan Cooper

    Hard to believe it's been 50 years since the infamous skyjacking before Thanksgiving. Love him or hate him it was a bold move. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! :turkey:??
  4. XLR82XS

    2021 Taycan RWD PB+ (~1800 miles)

    Considering a move to a Taycan GTS and putting feeler out for my 2021 RWD (4/20/21) build) Absolutely mint garage kept car with over $8K in full body Xpel Ultimate PPF (incl. headlights) + STEK windshield protection film and GTECNIQ HALO ceramic coating. Autobahn i3 ceramic window film on every...
  5. XLR82XS

    *Happy early birthday!*

    Happy early birthday to Ferdinand Porsche! ?:party: [9/3/1875] Tomorrow I'll be making the trek to PEC Atlanta with my father who's birthday is also this weekend - 80th. Post trip photos to come after the weekend. Enjoy your labor day weekend everyone! Cheers..... ??
  6. XLR82XS

    Hello ladies?

    Any women owners here? Not women who occasionally drive their significant others Taycan.
  7. XLR82XS

    Rear bumper reflectors

    Anyone remove their red rear bumper reflectors? They're taped in from behind just looking for any procedure tips before pulling things apart. I have a painted set to install. Thanks BumperPlugs!