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  1. RBGtaycan

    Yet another electrical system error

    let us know outcome!
  2. RBGtaycan

    Tire skipping on sharp slow turns.

    low profile tires on tight turns can do this regardless of weather / temperature (from experience!)
  3. RBGtaycan

    air suspension

    I have the "no air" suspension (19 " wheels) and it is NOT harsh at all (my Taycan replaces an M2 and that WAS the definition of "harsh"!)...Low profile tires will, in my experience, increase harshness...but look good!
  4. RBGtaycan

    Battery Range: Is 100% full charge of 188 miles the best I can expect?

    I consistently get around 250 miles on the standard (small) battery in temperate weather. But it took a number of months of driving to see that calculation stabilize. Colder weather will reduce that number (as will, for example, mountainous driving or settings in your PCM (range mode vs. sport)...
  5. RBGtaycan

    Garage Heater?

    if you fall below your pre-set max (let's assume 80%), the battery will any drain on the battery will be made up by shore power
  6. RBGtaycan

    Garage Heater?

    Why not simply keep the charger plugged in (say at 80% max)? Seems like a simpler approach to accomplish the same end?
  7. RBGtaycan

    [EA SOP] - 28 minute phone call for a 15 minute charge

    In the US, I have found that Plug n Charge works at EA most of the time..IF the charger is working - which is only a sometimes thing!
  8. RBGtaycan

    Passenger side mirror popped and gone!

    I sure would consider that a warranty issue....tho you might get a little resistance!
  9. RBGtaycan

    Cutaway of Taycan rear motor at Porsche Museum

    notice the suicide doors..would have made entry easier, I think, and DEFINITELY sexy!
  10. RBGtaycan

    Taycan 20,000 miles

    You don't have to do it if you don't want but Porsche is consistent across their cars-they want you to do it at the 2 year point (and if you are making an emergency stop at 160 mph on the Autobahn you might appreciate highly functional brakes!)..I also suspect that warranty repairs to your...
  11. RBGtaycan

    Taycan 20,000 miles

    At ~2 years the PCM should pop a service message. The dealer will want to change brake fluid and your cabin filter...that's it!
  12. RBGtaycan

    How to disable regen?

    REGEN is off by default when the car nothing to disable
  13. RBGtaycan

    Drive Mode

    My car (and I think all Taycans ?) actually does the opposite. When I change drive modes it turns OFF Regen Braking (which I like and use all the time). Plus when I start the car, I am forced to set the Regen braking. Am I missing something?
  14. RBGtaycan

    New to EV, I’m pre-wired, need help how to proceed

    Some utilities offer a highly discounted price on Chargers (that's how I got my Juicebox)..worth trying!...btw, keep track of your spending because your federal taxes will be reduced. Put your Porsche charger in the trunk for emergencies and try not to use it!
  15. RBGtaycan

    overboost/launch control without sport chrono?

    I have tried it also and it works but it is not "blows my socks off" on my RWD...gotta admit I don't even do it anymore..the car is plenty fun without it!
  16. RBGtaycan

    Stuck Plug

    As a possible alternative, one could try this: simply put the car in DRIVE...the car will NOT move ( a built-in safety measure) but it will try to unlock the charging cord. (I stumbled on this while I was desperately trying to unlock my cord once!)
  17. RBGtaycan

    Stuck Plug

    wow wow..that's a hell of an experience..sorry you had to see that!
  18. RBGtaycan

    Stuck Plug

    how did they get the plug out of your car so they could tow it???
  19. RBGtaycan

    New GTS Sport Turismo Owner...about to drive coast to coast, literally!

    Maybe get to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons too? not too far from Glacier...I've done most western parks but not yet brave enough to travel there (from East Coast) in my Taycan..maybe when we get access to more Tesla chargers? You are a lucky (and brave!) guy. Good luck and bon voyage.
  20. RBGtaycan

    Putting Chargers in Gasoline (Petrol) Stations- such a common-sensical idea!

    I think you are right: diners/restaurants/ shopping centers are better...although a fair number of gasoline stations in North America also have food and rest rooms and/or those resources they are great candidates...