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  1. Kev946

    Lego Taycan

    This is a MOC from Brickable. The plans are for Sedan, ST and CT. This is the ST.
  2. Kev946

    Position of GTS Logo on Skirts - Dimension needed

    Can someone with a GTS please help. So my idiot PPF fitted decided to remove the GTS logos on the skirts then put them on top of the film. Except he's placed them in the wrong position at least on one side as they are not in the same position. Also they are not sticking so have ordered new ones...
  3. Kev946

    Xpel PPF on front Bumper (GTS) - Anyone had this done please?

    So my installer is fitted the PPF in 2 pieces saying the template is not for a GTS so he had to do it this way. Has anyone had the front bumper done in Xpel in 1 piece? Thanks
  4. Kev946

    MyPorsche App Problem - Is this normal viewing my order

    So friday my order dissappreared from the MyPorsche App. I can still see the order from a browser under the section production history but not on the main page. It cannot be seen anywhere in the My Porsche App. I called Porsche Customer Service today and they spoke to Smart Mobility who said...
  5. Kev946

    All Taycan deliveries being held at port due to needing new heaters

    So we have no formal information from the Factory but it seems that all Taycans are being held at ports, hauliers for a replacement heater but the factory are prioritising used cars with faulty heaters which is understandable. No information when these held cars will be delivered. Dealers have...
  6. Kev946

    Earth requirements for PMCC

    So our house is old like 200 years and the earth relies on earth spikes. The installation of 3 phase to the garage was completed today but the earth reading is 120 ohms. The guidelines I believe are that it must be below 100 ohms and I've heard some chargers will not work if they detect a value...
  7. Kev946

    PMCC is there a 3 Phase 32A Power Lead available

    I'm getting ready for deivery of my Taycan. My electrician has install 5G10 cable and this is too big for a 16A 3 Phase socket. Numpty. So the question is can I buy a 32A 3 phase power lead. As you probably know 3 phase sockets come in 2 sizes. I thought I has seen a 16A and 32A power lead on...
  8. Kev946

    Vehicle in Production but App not updated. Delivery forecast? How close to the date on the system?

    So I've had this issue with the MyPorsche App since November showing the wrong pîcture of my configuration. I reported it and no progress from Porsche. I even spoke to one of the Smart Mobility team. There is an open case but no update on it. Today I get informed by my SA THAT my car is at V260...
  9. Kev946

    Status Shipping Blocked - Anyone know what this means?

    So my order is at V250 production fixed but under blocks on the main screen it says Bloqué Expeditions (Shipping Blocked). They have changed my delivery date pushing it back 5 days. My SA was expecting a Production Date Friday but still no date. We have had 2 national strike days in France, the...
  10. Kev946

    Typical time from config freeze to production

    So I'm getting anxious lol My freeze date has passed on 23rd Dec and thankfully I'm still pretty happy with my config. The order shows as V210 and the forecast delivery date says 24th February. This delivery date has not changed for over 2 months. I assume this is when is it expected to leave...
  11. Kev946

    Mounting the Wall Box - Does the power socket go upside down?

    Hi So I'm going for the Porsche Wall Dock for external charging. I've seen the thread below and it says the power socket should be upside down. Is you doc installed like this please? I ask because I've found a Youtube video and the power lead was long enough to reach with the power socket the...
  12. Kev946

    Is the PMCC waterproof. Anyone using it outside?

    I will be charging on 3 phase 16A so 11 KW. I'm have having a socket installed in my garage shortly but was also thinking of a socket on the outside wall for occasional charging during the day. I believe the PMCC is waterproof. It's more secure in the Porsche Wall Box and protected a little...
  13. Kev946

    PMCC Dimensions when mounted in the wall bracket please. Thanks

    My Taycan should be delivered around Feb/Mar. I passed my freeze date. So planning in where to install the PMCC in the wall bracket. Can someone give me the dimensions please? Mainly the depth. I have a sideways sliding door to the garage so wondering if the door will clear the PMCC on the side...
  14. Kev946

    Giles Coren ditches his iPace for a petrol car
  15. Kev946

    My Porsche App not showing correct picture of my car on order ADVICE

    I'm pulling my hair out with Porsche Customer Service France. I've now passed my freeze date on my order and before this I made a few minor config changes in November. However the picture has not changed. I've verified the config with my Porsche Centre even checking screen shots in the Porsche...
  16. Kev946

    Protecting the front plastic spoiler with PPF?

    Has anyone done this? Why installer says the film with not stick due to the grained finish so can't be done.
  17. Kev946

    RS Spyder Wheels will someone do me a favour

    Hi All. So I'm thinking of having some wheel stripes made up for my GTS on order. Can someone please measure the flat portion of the outer rim please? I believe it is quote small so don't want to order stripes which are too wide. Thanks
  18. Kev946

    Speed Blue Stitching

    I'm considering specing the Speed Blue stitching on my Neptune GTS but worried the blue is much brighter and won't match. Has anyone else gone for this? A part of me says the fact it is brighter is a good thing so it stands out against the black RaceTex but will it look so bright that it doesn't...
  19. Kev946

    Can't afford a Porsche watch so created this Garmin Watch Face

    I created this today using the Connect App Face It for my Garmin Fenix 5X just for fun. And I haven't even got a Taycan yet lol
  20. Kev946

    Can someone confirm if there are difference between a Cross and Sport Turismo Boot - Ordering Liner

    Hi All, So thinking of ordering this for my Sport Turismo. Titan covers seem to do a good one but they don't list the Sport Turismo. My understanding is there is now difference. Is this true? Thanks