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  1. RBGtaycan

    Putting Chargers in Gasoline (Petrol) Stations- such a common-sensical idea!

    This just makes sense:
  2. RBGtaycan

    Not a Newbie but need help!

    I've been driving my Taycan for about 2 1/2 years but still need help with some stuff: 1. In Porsche navigation, is there a way to remove some favorites without removing others. It seems that you need to clear ALL favorites to get rid of some.; 2. Am I the only one having a problem specifying...
  3. RBGtaycan

    Open car door from inside after power loss?

    I just saw this article about Tesla owners trapped inside by power loss...
  4. RBGtaycan

    Just used a Tesla Supercharger for the first time

    One of the Tesla Supercharger locations on Long Island (Shirley) has been converted to accommodate non-Tesla charging and I decided to give it a whirl. I was impressed by how easy it was to use. You need the Tesla application and then only need to tell it what charge stationr ID you are using...
  5. RBGtaycan

    Dealer wants my car for 2 weeks to do ANA6

    I just took in my car for ANA6 recall update. It took about a month to get the appointment ..but they did give me a loaner. Much to my surprise my Service Advisor told me that they might keep it as much as 2 weeks!.(altho it might take less)..why? because, he said, they are doing them in...
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    Electric Vehicles Are Way, Way More Energy-Efficient Than Internal Combustion Vehicles

    An interesting article:
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    Hotel charging ..via a Tesla destination charger

    I love to stay at hotels that have chargers. In Niagara Falls, NY recently stayed at hotel with 2 Tesla chargers. I used my Tesla Tap (for the first time) and it worked just fine. Ironically, I found myself charging next to a real Tesla and they were interested in how I was able to charge. Also...
  8. RBGtaycan

    ANA 6 recall : dealers not able to apply?

    I recently went to the Porsche web site and got the message that my car was subject to the ANA6 recall and I should contact my dealer. Got a service appointment online (a mistake!) and took it in today. Sadly, the dealer said they did not yet have the ability to apply the patch. Has anyone had...
  9. RBGtaycan

    Tesla chargers available in US in late 2022?

    Could this really be happening?
  10. RBGtaycan

    April 27 Porsche Connect System Update (over the air)

    I started the car a couple of minutes ago and, per the email, expected to be logging in and logging out, etc....but NOTHING...has anyone actually gone through the email process: "When prompted, log into your vehicle....." ???
  11. RBGtaycan

    Tesla May Seek Federal Funds To Open Supercharger Network To Public

    Maybe we are getting closer in the US to accessing Tesla Superchargers? Tesla May Seek Federal Funds To Open Supercharger Network To Public (
  12. RBGtaycan

    Range mode needed to activate battery conditioning en route to charger?

    I have PIRM and have been experimenting with how to condition the battery (e.g. heat the battery) while enroute to a "Porsche charger" (e.g EA) in the GPS. The conditioning appears to ONLY work if I put the car in RANGE that really the only way that conditioning occurs?
  13. RBGtaycan

    Electrify America update (and a disappointment)

    So I go to a nice new EA site just opened near me (the site is in Carle Place, New York, USA): The Good News: 1. all the hardware was working 2. Plug and Charge also worked fine 3. the Porsche GPS actually had the (new!) location in it (a pleasant surprise) The Bad News: 4. EA put in 4 brand...
  14. RBGtaycan

    Hertz buying 100,000 Teslas

    I think this is a sign EVs are becoming more will be interesting how this plays out!
  15. RBGtaycan

    Jack Pad adapter?

    I had to jack my Taycan recently (nail in tire) and found that the jack points need an adapter (for the floor jack) which is not a "standard" Porsche adapter. Suncoast does not seem to have one and Amazon does not seem to have one. Anybody know where these might be available?
  16. RBGtaycan

    New York State passes new law: zero emissions vehicles required by 2035

    It appears that, while we may be at the bleeding edge, at least we electric car nuts are going in the right direction:
  17. RBGtaycan

    Useful tips re: CarPlay

    This link may be interesting to some people:
  18. RBGtaycan

    CarPlay disappeared

    After about an hour of driving today, suddenly lost my Car Play today and simply switched to an alternative. But when I got home and removed the iphone from the console wireless charging area, found it was overheated and had suspended normal activity. I'll have to remember that I may not want it...
  19. RBGtaycan

    AMB5 and Serendipity

    Because of this forum I was aware of the AMB5 recall and a week ago setup an appointment for Sept 2 (wanted a loaner!). I felt no urgency since the car has been running great for a couple of months and has about 2500 carefree miles on it. By chance, I get the Recall letter today and file it away...