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  1. Friedrich

    Tinting Windows

    Do you mind telling us where in Atlanta did you have it tinted. I am also in Atlanta. There are good tinting places and bad ones. Looks like you got a great one.
  2. Friedrich

    Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    Covid 19 has become the new normal in the USA. I have to admit I violated social distancing recommendation by attending one peaceful BLM protests in Midtown Atlanta in Georgia where I live, but well equipped a quality KN95 mask, I did try to stay 6ft, and showered immediately. States like...
  3. Friedrich

    Taycan Turbo totaled in crash after only 15 miles :(

    And the car comes from Jack Daniels Porsche in New Jersey (from license plate).....serving Jack Daniels when you pick up car?:CWL: From description on Copart, the undercarriage is damaged.....which we know as the battery....LOL I started out with my first...
  4. Friedrich

    22 Day Battery Drain Test on Taycan

    Will take 5 1/2 years to drain Taycan battery completely from 90% from sitting unused based on rate calculated!
  5. Friedrich

    COVID19 Deals?

    Overpriced in an economic sense would mean that marginal profit would increase if the price were decreased and from a business sense it would mean total profit would increase if price were lowered. Otherwise, overpriced from the buyer simply means the buyer cannot afford the product
  6. Friedrich

    COVID19 Deals?

    Go to their website....they have two vehicles. Vehicles have to be ordered. Most people are waiting in line, and now with the factory shutting down, the production dates are being pushed back. Doing my Masters Degree studies in economics, a car or any product is only overpriced if the...
  7. Friedrich

    COVID19 Deals?

    I looked Not sure where you are getting your information from, but Rusnak Pasadena only has two demos in stock, a Turbo and a Turbo S and the sales office is closed. Dealers put their demos online so that they get calls from customers that can then order one. Right now, Porsche is ONLY...
  8. Friedrich

    Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    I agree but would also advise anyone that is worried about a plus or minus $10,000-$20,000 resale three to five years from now on a car valued at $140,000-$200000 when bought new probably should not be buying a car in that price range. The car is for pleasure, not a financial investment and...
  9. Friedrich

    Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    I put a deposit down in January 2019, but I was waiting to order so that I could test drive a 4S, but also waiting to see some of the color choices in person rather than just photos. I was planning on buying the Frozen Blue, as the car will be for my wife and she loves light blue, but...
  10. Friedrich

    15,000 Taycan orders placed and 1,386 produced in 2019

    I guess half the 30,000 deposits havent converted their deposits to orders yet, including me. I think lots of people waivering between ordering and not ordering are going to put their decision on hold because of economic recession caused by the corona virus. I am a commercial Landlord with...
  11. Friedrich

    Taycan Maintenance Schedule

    $50,000 battery cost? wow.......guess not a good idea to keep Taycan too long.
  12. Friedrich

    Unboxing my new Taycan

    Sounds like the person that buffed that car did not know what he was doing. The swirl came from the buffing. Buffed too much. You should have demanded a new car!!! Seriously....that is not normal or acceptable
  13. Friedrich

    UK is no longer in EU - can we have a UK section please - thanks!

    I guess this is your UK section. But most reporting from Porsche have three regions....North America, Europe and Asia. So you want a fourth....UK....From a sales point of view, only the USA, Germany and China deserve their own reporting, and if you google Porsche sales, you will often see...
  14. Friedrich

    Matte Black Taycan Turbo

    Taste is an individual choice, and generally, people go for what they think other people will like as most people are afraid of not getting approval from their friends and acquaintances for their choice, causing people to be conservative and safe, like choosing, white (like my wife's...
  15. Friedrich

    Taycan roof rack and accessories

    Yes, they are a Porsche dealership......Suncoast Porsche is where I bought my wife's Boxster back in 2013. They gave me a much better deal after the local dealers in Atlanta would not budge on their prices. We took a mini vacation to Florida when we picked it 7 years, that...
  16. Friedrich

    2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S First Test: Lächerlich Mode - Motor Trend

    Well the use of the German word "lächerlich" is lä must have used google translate with the word ludicrous, which too often is NOT quite right. Germans would use the word more to describe something that is laughable. (The German verb "lachen" means to laugh). I wonder...
  17. Friedrich

    Consumer Reports: Porsche Ranks # 1 as Best Auto Brand

    Here is an objective view from we all know this already!! Trying to find the current owner satisfaction report.....Last year Tesla was ranked number 1 and Porsche # 2
  18. Friedrich

    Annual Taycan Insurance Costs / Quotes?

    I got a quote today for the Taycan 4S from State Farm.....3rd car, full coverage, $500 deductible, under 7500 miles per year, good driver discount, no tickets, no accidents......$1596 per yer.....ironic that it is $575 cheaper than insurance for our 2013 Boxster S
  19. Friedrich

    Annual Taycan Insurance Costs / Quotes?

    Geez.....I live in Atlanta, have State Farm,, full coverage, a perfect driving record and no tickets accidents or claims on a 2013 Boxster S that is lucky to be worth 40k to 45k. you must have a $20,000 deductible!!! :CWL::CWL: But seriously, your 2017 Turbo S 911 is worth around...
  20. Friedrich

    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    I know its way too early to speculate.....but I am speculating that the fire started from the charger connections in the house. There were a couple of "garage" fires for Tesla highly publicized in 2013 and 2014, all which turned out to be caused by improperly installed chargers. It simple...