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  1. GreenHornet

    How to wash ppf + ceramic coating ?

    I have PPF on my CT4. Wrap guy said go nuts with the high preasure washer. Just don't use it close to fold/corners and so on where the wrap ends because they can get loose over time (would still be fixed under warranty). Just use common sense and you will be fine. I have ProFilm clear PPF on my...
  2. GreenHornet

    Taycan to Lofoten Islands, Norway (Follow Our Trip Report)

    @tigerbalm mind if I ask why you took the ferry and drove to Narvik instead of taking the ferry to Lødingen and driving straight to Lofoten? You can get winter tires in 21" but man do they kill the range...hehe
  3. GreenHornet

    WPN8 Recall There is a new update they can apply. Just tell them you have problems with the PCM getting stuck on the Porsche logo.
  4. GreenHornet

    WPN8 Recall

    If it's not there anymore there probably is a new update that supersede that one. I know there is a new PCM build out in the wild. Just keep your slot. They will do the updates that Porsche in Germany has told them to do.
  5. GreenHornet

    Taycan facelift short drive video Top gear Netherlands had taken a short drive in the new Taycan facelift. Launch of the facelift is not far away now.