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  1. WuffvonTrips

    UK new BEV registration stats by model, by quarter year

    Q3 2023 is the most recent period for which data has been published. I cut the list- the source continues in descending order beyond the Eletre. Audi E-TRON only appears once, so presumably anything with that badge is lumped in to the one line.
  2. WuffvonTrips

    Anyone seen any Porsche Finance PCP final value/payment figures for the refresh Taycan yet?

    I'm curious to see how, as a percentage of the base (i.e. before cost options) price new, they compare with the 66% of base price (ignoring cost options) I was quoted late 2021 for a CT 4S and CT Turbo, after 3 years at 6k annual miles. If I weren't intending to keep this car longer, I'd be...
  3. WuffvonTrips

    ...Bentley Blower Jnr

    Live your dream as Birkin with goggles or Steed in a bowler hat. Perfect for taking the dog to the park (unless it's raining).
  4. WuffvonTrips

    New Porsche Taycan first drive: real-world range test (Autocar)

    Despite the title, I didn't see any mention of the tested real-world range...but I found this bit interesting: "All of which, says Giek, is why we can’t expect a sub-2000kg Taycan in the near future: “Not with current tech. You have to use carbonfibre, but then it’s not a Taycan any more, then...
  5. WuffvonTrips

    BBC NEWS- Electric cars: Lords urge action on 'misinformation' in press [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Not news to us, but good that there is at least acknowledgement of the media campaign to feed the easily-manipulated. What the government does to counter it is another matter.
  6. WuffvonTrips

    Porsche brain implant chip 18 seconds faster than Neuralink’s