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  1. snstevens

    New CarPlay Apps Coming in 2024

    According to this article, 8 new CarPlay apps are coming in 2024, but might be specific to 2024 model cars, including -- Auto Settings: This app will let you manage paired iPhones and adjust vehicle settings. Car Camera: This app will display the vehicle's rear-view camera feed. Charge: For...
  2. snstevens

    Possible 2025 718 EV styling (rendering)

    Came across this article in Car and Driver about the possible look of the 2025 718 EV (starting price $78k). I like the look of the car and the way they seem to marry the Taycan and 718 in a 2 door Coupe and Convertible. Not a lot of news in the article - does anyone have info on the battery...