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  1. cityhpper

    How frequently do you get punctures?

    22 months and 24 000 miles in a CT4 on 20" tyres. No punctures or damage to rims/wheels. Probably jinxed it now, but let's see...
  2. cityhpper

    Excessive brake pad wear?

    From time to time I travel through a very steep tunnel, crossing one of our fjords. There is a traffic camera inside so I use ACC to keep the speed limit. I notice that the brake lights are lit all the way to the bottom so been wondering if ACC actually calls on some assistance from the...
  3. cityhpper

    Taycan to Lofoten Islands, Norway (Follow Our Trip Report)

    Looking more and more at home, this Turbo S of yours…:rock:
  4. cityhpper

    The new 21" Aero Design wheels

    Good point. But seems some of the available winter wheel and tyre set's in the Tequipment selector, are nearly identical between the two versions of the J1 platform. But def need to verify with Porsche...
  5. cityhpper

    Taycan to Lofoten Islands, Norway (Follow Our Trip Report)

    As always - truly amazing documentation and pictures!
  6. cityhpper

    2025 Porsche Taycan 4S vs. RWD for Winter Driving in the Northeast - Worth the Upgrade?

    The right kind of tyres, is key. Get proper winter tyres and you should have no big issues in a RWD. Traction control is very good in the Taycan. Probably other drivers will be the biggest hurdle if conditions get really bad.
  7. cityhpper

    Gen 1 Taycan Support Group…

    I'll join you, Paul.
  8. cityhpper

    Seeking Advice on 2021 Porsche Taycan RWD Ride and Handling

    Hi @Andreas Hoynala, and welcome to the forum. I would expect you to be on winter tyres this time of the year. Many of them are both inside/outside, as well as rotation specific. It is quick and easy to check for yourself that all four tyres have been monted the correct way on the wheels. Good...
  9. cityhpper

    The new 21" Aero Design wheels

    The 21" Aero Design also introduces two new tyres: the Hankook Ion Evo and the Continental SportContact 7. Both are newer designs/products than the other tyres beeing offered with the 21" wheels i.e. the Pirellies' and the GoodYears'. Would expect the newer tyre designs to be even more targeted...
  10. cityhpper

    The new 21" Aero Design wheels

    Indeed. Reduced width may also have a positive effect on tire noise, although that probably depends much on factors like thread design and rubber compund as well. Hard to tell how this new wheel design appear from pictures alone, but it sure raised my interest.
  11. cityhpper

    The new 21" Aero Design wheels

    Fully aware that taste will be different, but to me the introduction of a new 21" wheel/rim for the J II plattform, was very interesting. The wheel is slimmer than the other 21" options, and the tire size has been reduced in width as well: 245 for the fronts, and 285 for the rears. I think...
  12. cityhpper

    Taycan to Lofoten Islands, Norway (Follow Our Trip Report)

    Already a seasoned motorist in the arctic; so this should be a walk in the park for @tigerbalm and his co-pilot. Enjoy your trip!
  13. cityhpper

    DC charging issue/failures

    Great news, welcome back!
  14. cityhpper

    A Taycan GTS owner drives a Taycan base model loaner - comparison observations

    The RW ST is absolutely one of the coolest Taycan iterations. Don't see many of them around, though. Would be happy to see a picture of your car, @freeforall!
  15. cityhpper

    Anyone regret going from 20s to 21s?

    Regarding looks, I think that the sedan and the Sport Turismo really benefits from running 21"s. The Cross Turismo, on the other hand - pulls off the use of 20"s in a much better way. Something about its rougher image and the increased ride hight lets it use tires with a beefier sidewall and...
  16. cityhpper

    My "new" Taycan CT4

    Beautiful CT. But am I correct that the dealer changed the default hight of your car to match that of a GTS SP? And then did necessary alignments etc?
  17. cityhpper

    How to avoid traffic jams with navigation

    The PCM-navigation seems to do a pretty good job of routing me around traffic jams and incidents. My local area is not really congested but during road trips, I'm pretty confident that it makes good choices. Had a three week long road trip around Europe in july 2022 and navigation guided me onto...
  18. cityhpper

    PCM navigation: missing map updates?

    Happy to report that the issue has finally been resolved. I had a longer conversation going with Porsche smartmobility and they really made an effort to sort this out. They checked various back-office settings for my Porsche account, investigated (remotely) logs from the car and in general put...
  19. cityhpper

    PCM navigation: missing map updates?

    My car hasn't received any map updates for more than six months now. I have done several long distance journeys during these months, and on multiple occations the map has failed to show roads that are there since more than three years. This also leads to some confusing advice from the...