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  1. whitex

    Why does manual pre-conditioning not use shore power?

    When the car is plugged into an EVSE, and I select manual pre-heat, the car will draw power from the HV battery. When I create a timer to get the car ready in 5 minutes, the car will use shore power (power from EVSE, not battery). Using the battery puts unnecessary wear on the battery (each...
  2. whitex

    Permanent overboost power from Redshift?

    Has anyone had any experience with Redshift power boost? They claim to be operating out of San Francisco area.
  3. whitex

    PSA: Do not trust the latest MyPorsche app

    TLDR; don't trust the MyPorsche status of your car. It will show you fake status to keep you happy. It will no longer admit that it has no connection to your car. Ever use your app to make sure your Taycan is all locked up, safe and sound? You check your app and it tells you a comforting "just...
  4. whitex

    WA GoodToGo Flex pass placement

    In case you are wondering where to place your GoodToGo Flex Pass in a Taycan with noise and thermal insulated glass, the answer is in the dotted area at the top of the windshield next to the mirror. That area is a little small (my wife's Audi Q8 eTron has the same area but large enough to fit...
  5. whitex

    TeslaTap alternatives?

    I was looking for a second TeslaTap80 for our latest Tesla replacement car and came across this. Has anyone tried any TeslaTap alternatives, like this one (which appears to be an almost identical clone)? 80A version for $78 (after the 20% HS20 code) seems very tempting...
  6. whitex

    Rear lights color in USA

    This may seem like an obvious thing, but since I have yet to lay my hands on a CT, I tried finding this information online but could not find any pictures or videos of the US model Taycan CT rear lights while the blinkers are on. Anyone who has a CT, are the directional signals on the back red...