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  1. Brake replacement for 2020 Taycan 4S

    I remember reading that somewhere. Could be dealers just playing it safe. The Tungsten surface is only .1mm thick.
  2. Brake replacement for 2020 Taycan 4S

    Pretty sure PSCBs get rotors and pads at the same time. Not an option..
  3. Porsche Active Ride

    No brainer. I consider it a must on every new car I will ever buy. Steel springs are 19th century.
  4. OBDEleven supports Taycan

    It seems the OBDEleven app/dongle is starting to support the Taycan. Haven’t played around too much, but it seems work is being done, or maybe this is all old. I haven’t had OBDEleven that long. I know it’s done some things with the E-Tron in the past.
  5. J1.2 - 2nd Generation Taycan Wheels

    I think Macan is same as Audi 5x112 vs 5x130 normal Porsche.
  6. The new 21" Aero Design wheels

    I believe Gen 1 Taycans should use NF0, then when those aren’t available NF1. I’m not concerned about NF specifically, but mixing MO1, NF0 or unmarked tires I can see being problematic. If a vehicle was originally delivered with...
  7. Seattle dealer recommendations?

    Make the drive to Beaverton.
  8. Alternative to Porsche tire sealing kit?

    Forget the goo.
  9. The new 21" Aero Design wheels

    Willing to bet any new tires are NF1. NF0 will never get anything other than what is already available.
  10. Went to friendly dealer to get Euro Matrix lights option enabled... they couldn't get it to work :-(

    Its not that simple for Audi apparently. You can borrow the VAS device which is required to install the firmware, or you can buy it. The issue is the dealer may flash the car back to stock when you visit and then you need the VAS hardware again. I’m guessing the Porsche is will be similar...
  11. Went to friendly dealer to get Euro Matrix lights option enabled... they couldn't get it to work :-(

    I know on the Audi Q7 the headlights themselves need different firmware to be installed. Coding alone doesn’t work.
  12. Safelite Quote

    I am literally having mine done now. It is $2000 roughly. I have not had good luck at Safelite. Things like this it’s dealer only, if anything goes wrong it’s on them. Aftermarket companies can deny they did something wrong, like not hooking up anntennas, and send you to the dealership to...
  13. Soft close doors are now an option

    I thought soft close was always available from an Audi and could be retrofitted . It’s somewhere on the forum.
  14. 20” to 21” Mission-E upgrade on my Taycan Turbo

    Feel superior in you know you are getting better range and have as far as I know the only vehicle with 4 individual rims. I.E left and right are mirror image.
  15. Continental vs Goodyear tires

    Search on this site about the Continental Procontact RX tires. They are not good in the wet. Goodyear I don’t know about.