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  1. Outside temperature and range

    It's a guesstimate at best
  2. Outside temperature and range

    i like you comment
  3. Outside temperature and range

    I saw as much as 204-207 in the summer at the beginning @ 85%. And I read all about these guys on here that are getting 230-250....I call BS on that. I have another buddy who is getting same range as me and he has a Turbo. Fact is, 150 mile car in the winter doesn't work for me. My Panamera...
  4. Outside temperature and range

    I got about 147 miles of range @ 85% charge the other day (30 degree weather, highway speed between 85-100 mph - Porsche driving). Car range estimate is 176 miles @ 85%, that's actually optimistic. Cold weather is enemy of range for these cars. Range on my car has steadily worsened after about...
  5. Road & Track Drives Across America in a Taycan 4S

    I have 7800 miles and Mission E wheels. And I will be showing about 90% and 179 miles. This is in 25-30 degree weather.
  6. Road & Track Drives Across America in a Taycan 4S

    Not me. I've seen as low as 156 miles for 85% charge and seen a high of about 213 on same charge. As I get more miles on car and actually drive it down to under 30% charge before charging, the range estimate has come down to these figures. Best "estimate" I've ever seenwas 236 miles for 100%...
  7. Road & Track Drives Across America in a Taycan 4S

    So you guys drove 200 miles in 3 hour stretches.....that's 66.6 MPH. That sounds AWFUL. I've never driven my car less than 80-85 on any highway and many times over 90. And that you got 200 miles @ 90% charge at those speeds actually makes sense. It's a great car, it's a 160-200 mile range car -...
  8. What loaners does Porsche give you?

    Macan, Panamera or Cayenne
  9. New EPA range estimates for 2021 Taycan

    Understood. I have driven mine 7700 miles, i drive it down below 30%, sometimes even lower, so the "estimate" range has changed to "TRUE" range IMO. I uses to see numbers in the 213 range for 85% but over time and again, actually driving it down to see "real" range, I am now at 175-180 miles for...
  10. New EPA range estimates for 2021 Taycan

    Just for fun, how many miles do you have ?? And do you drive the car down below 30% battery before you charge ??
  11. New EPA range estimates for 2021 Taycan

    Do me a favor, post pictures of your actual mileage. Run the cars down to about 20% or lower battery and then show me the actual mileage. Thanks
  12. So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    I'm at about 182 miles at 90% charge in winter weather. Seen a low of 156 miles at 85%.
  13. After driving 2 months how i would change my spec

    I have 7400 miles on mine and been driving it since April. I would do add/ delete the following: 1) Delete Mission E wheels and do the "blades". Better range 2) I would do the new Frozen Berry Metallic paint. 3) Add "electric" logo in black on doors 4) Interior accents in body color 5)...
  14. 100% charge showing 175 mile range

    180-190 miles in cold weather is NORMAL and what you will get. I charges to 100% yesterday and it showed 199 mile range "estimate". I gained a few miles as weather is a bit warmer today. I charged to 85% the other day and got a REAL 165 miles. And at 90% I got a REAL 171 miles (I do drive at...
  15. 100% charge showing 175 mile range

    I have a Turbo S with 7000 miles. It's 32 degrees farenheit here....I showed 209 miles at 100%. That turned out to be an actual 190 miles. It's been showing an estimated range of 184 miles at 85% charge. I have seen an actual 158 miles (Lowest ever) at 85%. In this colder weather the car will...
  16. My new wheels - HRE S104 on Taycan Turbo

    Perhaps. Do you have adequate miles on the car and know what your real world driving range is ? How many KW per 100 miles ? If you know that, now compare after you've added the new wheels.
  17. My new wheels - HRE S104 on Taycan Turbo

    It was explained to me its all about drag. The Mission E wheel (I have them) are the least efficient wheel on the Taycan. The "blades" are about 5-10% more efficient.
  18. Tesla Model Y vs. Porsche Taycan: Real-World Range Test - Edmunds

    That makes sense . I get 195 range at 85%.